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SRINAGAR: Before giving description on this issue let me know the latest Ratio of Boys/ girls in India. According to the census of 1991, the number of girl child (age group 0-6 yrs.) in India was 945 per 1000 boys. It was reduced to 927 girls / 1000 boys in 2001 and 918/1000 boys in 2011. Such a huge level of Decline in the number of girls was the indication of the lack of women empowerment in the country.

For example the Usilampatty Taluk, of Tamil Nadu India is known to be endemic in Female infanticides, where husband orders his wife, who gave birth a baby girl “Go ahead and snuff her Out” as per the figures of Medical association of India five Million infant girls have been slain, being victims of Foeticide. This Luxury enslaved modern era, too is treating female child as a menace. This huge reduction in girl child number was because of the pre-birth discrimination, gender biased sex selection, crimes against women, social issues etc.

The above data shows that no parents want that they have a girl child and with the use of the latest Technology, parents in advance knows that who are in the Womb of the mother, and if the child is boy then they feel and think they are the luckiest parents on earth and distribute the sweets among their relatives. And when the same parents knows that it is the girl child in the mother’s womb they plan to abort it or if nothing happens then their faces darkens and is filled with inward grief, sorrow, with shame. They think how they hides themselves from people and relatives, because of the bad news they had! Shall he return it own (sufferance and contempt) or burry it in the Dust.

“Prophet Mohammed (SAW) said “whoever is tested with daughter and treated them well, they will be for him a shield against the Fire of Hell”.

The above data reminds us the past of the Jahiliyya people or pre- Mohammed SAW societies who buried their daughters alive. Narander Modi recently launched the “BETI PADOU BETI BACHOU” SCHEME, but the best place that was given to girls was in Islam. The buried infant of Jahiliyya or Pre- Mohammed (SAW) Arabia has been uplift with the right of Inheritance.

Prophet Mohammed (SAW) who advised Go slowly, “SHE IS A CRYSTAL POT”, to the Sahaba who was trotting on a camel along with his daughter, is the Greatest Liberator of Woman ever in the History.

“There is a powerful saying “when you educate a man, you educate a man But when you educate a women, you educate a generation” this is because of the benefits of educating girls permeates the entire family and have far reaching impacts within the entire society. Women makes up almost half other total population of India, but still they lag behind men in a lot of areas. It is harrowing to note that a lot of females are not even allowed to be born and they feel shame on their birth. Many of those who are fortunate enough to see this world are denied of some of their most basic rights, equality education and health care.

Beti padhou Beti bachou is an effective campaign to save girl child and educate the girl child all over the India. It is a scheme run by the government of India with the aim of spreading awareness as well as improving the efficiency of welfare services for the girls of India.

Let’s compare this scheme with this example of Our Prophet Mohammed (SAW) it is evident from Prophet Mohammed (SAW) saying that a daughter is bestowed as a path to eternal success for both mom and Dad. The affection and affinity Prophet Mohammed (SAW) has poured upon his darling daughters Fatimah (RA) and Ayesha (RA) who entered in marital life with Prophet in her early teenage has been a sublime guideline for parents all the times.

At a time when female children were buried alive in Arabia and women were considered transferable property, Islam honoured women in society by elevating them and protecting them with unprecedented rights. Islam gave women the right to education, to marry someone of their choice, to retain their identity after marriage, to divorce, to work, to own and sell property, to seek protection by the law, to vote, and to participate in civic and political engagement.

“ALLAHS Messenger (PBUH) incited: whoever had a daughter born to Him and he did not burry her alive or humiliate her, and he did not prefer his son over her, ALLAH (subhan Wataala) will admit him to Paradise Her”

You have hard that women’s place in Islam is that women are deprived of freedom and equality. This is the result of either ignorance about Islam or the biased propaganda of anti-Islamic ideology and a prejudice of Media. But in reality the fact is just opposite. The best place in which a women is safe and have all the right are in Islam.

It is not out of place here to examine the place given to women in some of the so-called glorious civilizations prior to Islam. For instance, in Greek mythology a woman, Pandora, was considered to be the source of all evil. In the name of art, the Greeks depicted women in such a way that promoted unbridled sex. In the second civilization, the Roman one, their philosopher, Seneca, reprimanded Romans about the degenerating family system. A sport named “Floralia” promoted licentious atmosphere.
When it came to Christianity, Chrysostom says: “Woman is an unavoidable evil, a delicious calamity and an attractive trouble.” Aristotle declared: “The female state is a deformity.” A Roman Catholic, Aquinas, believed: “A female is a misbegotten male.” Nietzsche, the German philosopher, opines: “Woman is the source of folly, unreason.” In modern Europe, women were not given equal rights and the situation led to feminist movements that have been constantly struggling for equal rights for women.
Before the advent of Islam in Arabia, the position of the fair sex was appalling. Girls were sometimes killed as soon as they were born. The infant girls were buried alive. A man could marry and abandon or divorce a woman any number of times. The number of wives was unlimited. Islam emancipated woman in all respects. Provisions for empowerment of women in the Islamic system of life:

1. Freedom. Girls are as free to receive education as boys are. “It is obligatory for every man and woman to receive education.” Education and training in etiquette is the best gift of parents to children. A girl cannot be married off to anybody without her consent. As man has liberty to divorce; a woman is also allowed to take “khula” (divorce) if she dislikes her husband who is cruel, unjust or impotent. A widow or a divorcee is allowed to re-marry if she wishes. In Islam it is preferred that women remain at home to look after the family and train children. Still if no male guardian lives with her or if he is ill or his income is insufficient, she may go out to earn but in hijab. During the time of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), there were women traders and there were instances when women participated in wars to supply water or to nurse the wounded. At present thousands of Muslim women in hijab work in hospitals, banks, schools, colleges and many other congenial working places.

2. Equality. There is no gender disparity in Islam. “And whoever does righteous good deeds — male or female — and is a true believer in the Oneness of Allah, such will enter Paradise and not the least injustice, even to the size of a Naqira (speck on the back of a date-stone), will be done to them.” (Qur’an, 4:124) Man is the head of the family. Critics of Islam quote this out of context. This position of man is to safeguard and strengthen the institution of the family. It is the responsibility of man to provide food, shelter and other needs to all family members. Women are equal to men in all civil and criminal acts of judiciary.

3. Security: The security of woman in Islam is very important. She is not inferior to a male. “The person to whom a daughter is born and he does not ... mete out preferential treatment to boys, Allah will reward him with heaven.” (Hadith i.e. saying of the Prophet). Parents are motivated to nurture girls. The responsibility to provide bread and meat to girls and women lies with the male guardian. “You should feed her when you eat, and clothe her when you yourself put on clothes. And in case of temporary boycott due to strained relations, it should be limited to the four walls of your house.” (Hadith). When she travels a long distance, a male guardian must accompany her to facilitate her journey. Islam restricted the number of wives to four. Divorce, though permissible, is not encouraged.

4. Economic empowerment. Women receive money in the form of bride price (mehr). She gets bread and meat from either father or husband. She has a lawful share in property. “For men is a share of what the parents and close relatives leave, and for women is a share of what the parents and close relatives leave, be it little or much — a legal share.” (Qur’an, 4:7)

5. Dignity: In contrast to the Christian idea that woman is the source of evil and she opened the door to Satan, Islam believes that Satan simultaneously seduced both Adam and Eve. The mother’s place is higher than the father’s. Heaven lies under the mother’s feet. Woman is the ruler/queen of her husband’s establishment. The veil is only a protective device to shield her from mischievous staring eyes. When women are asked to wear veil, men are ordered not to stare at women. “And tell the believing women to reduce (some) of their vision.” (The Qur’an: 24:31)

So why a girl child is treated less in the present societies. If our Prophet Mohammed (SAW) don’t differentiate the girl child and he gives her the best status and place in the society, then who we are. Are boys better than girls in Love affection, caring with their parents? Who leaves parents in the old age, who are our mother, our sister, our wife, if they we killed at their birth time then are we here in the present world?  Why in the present societies crimes against women are raising day by day and instead of such security we cannot stop this all. This is because our women’s are following the path of modernization, westernization and the luxurious life.

So change your mentality and attitude about the women, who sometimes is our Mother, wife, our sister. Islam is the only religion in the world if a women follows it by their hearts then no one humiliate the women and they achieved the highest place in the world and in the Akhrat (day of judgement).

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  • One Stray Bullet and she sleeps for ever
  • How will a family rise from the sudden death of its Daughter after getting hit by a stray bullet in Kupwara?

This is not the single case when a stray bullet takes life of an innocent girl at kupwara, there are many people in Kashmir who have lost their lives by the stray bullets during the encounter with the Militants and when people protest and show their support with these freedom fighters the security forces don’t like this and they target these innocents with their bullets. At last in their interview with the media they said, that these people are killed by the stray bullets during the encounter. I feel astonished how a boy or a girl is killed in a house closed all round and how bullet enter in these houses and kill these innocents.  I feel very sad when I see the Indian news agencies highlighting the encounter in which Rebels are killed, but they never said a word about these innocents killed during the Encounter.

This Wednesday (March 15 2017), let me telling you the tear-jerking story of a 7 years old Little Angel (Kaneeza 7 years old) was martyred by Indian forces in kupwara gunfight. My heart bleed while seeing the picture of this little Angel Kaneeza, What was her crime she was only 7 years old. A bullet pierced through a Daughter, a sister, a loving child, a fathers dream, a mother’s heart, a hundred hopes leaving a Family Shattered. This 7 year old angel who died today in kupwara hit by bullet is nowhere. Had she been died with Pakistani bullet then the Indian news channels would had circulated this news 10000 times same like poonch girl who was in news for 5 days because she was hit and injured by Pakistan bullet later she got well. I remember the news reporter who cried the tears of crocodile to degrade Pakistan. Where he is now did any one cried today on the death of this flower. I personally don't blame anyone for her death but question is where Indian news channels, Hurriyat leaders the Human Rights Organisations are. Don’t they heard this News are they deaf on such Situations? The answer is they will never telecast this news because the news is about the girl who is Kashmiri Muslim.

I was filled with grief because I wasn’t able to save this angel because of our dual Nature, on one side we support Indian government by celebrating the winning of the BJP and accepting the Govt. scheme the same people who are responsible for these innocents deaths in Kashmir, and on the other side the same Kashmiri people are fighting for their freedom movement. Endemic gun violence in Kashmir produces unintended and fatal consequences for victims of stray bullets, which pose a limited, but very real, threat to citizen security in the region of Kashmir.

These killings are pre planned as you have heard the statement of the Indian Army Chief Rawat who warned civilians to stay away from the encounter sites, saying those involved in stone pelting on the forces during gun battles will not be dealt differently. I want to say Rawat is the 7 years girl involved in stone pelting or she is a terrorist. Why India, Hurriyat leaders, human rights organisations and Indian media silent on this.

On theses innocents deaths our CM and the Leaders never open their mouth they are like without tongues. Militants were seen and talked by everyone but this innocent angel is ignored like nothing happens. This is not our daughter, sister, cousin, or any relative, if the same is the relative of any leader or any other rich person or it was the Hindu Girl then today everywhere shutdown was being observed by everyone and the same blinded people support this call by their hearts. But shame on such people, such government, and such Leaders who remain dump on such innocent killings.


This is not the single case when forces kill such an innocent but this remain continued in Kashmir for years and never stop until we people change our dual policy. Remember this innocent is not killed by the forces but we are equally responsible for his death…………………….

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Sameena and Shazena (Students of Women Empowerment Centre Budgam)Woman is a mirror of society and a true reflection of a developed nation. If we have to understand the concept of most civilized and developed nation in the world, obviously, one should try to learn the concept of women-empowerment and development. The change in demography, climate, fashion and economic development is only a trend, but still woman is standing very far away from it. India is a nation known for its national integration and communal harmony, but somehow it lacks its acute implementation among the minds of people. Travelling to the platform of, 21st century, where world is gearing for 50-50 slogan, man is equal to women (MEN=WOMEN) in all spheres, but frankly speaking woman is still travelling through dark passage of time.

Rape, Molestation, Domestic-violence and eve-teasing are the permanent diseases present in our society, dominated by male phenomena. Every day, we go through newspapers or online media, somewhere a daughter or a woman is being victimised by the customs present in our male-dominated society. In Jammu and Kashmir State, 4051, cases have been registered only about domestic violence’s and still we are celebrating International Woman’s Day.

It is by luck or chance, our state is being headed by Woman chief Minister, but still a woman has to face so many troubles in society, because woman has been taken for granted an object by this society.  We have state women commission, in Jammu and Kashmir State, but the sorry fate is that still most of our villages couldn’t access the information by this commission. A woman is still living in a threat of civil action, to approach a police-station for writing or registering a complaint, as most of women are not techno-savvy.

The so called Swachh-Bharat-Mission, is wandering for its proper implementation, women in villages have to wait for night-hours, to answer the nature’s call. Girls in huge numbers are unaware about the cycles taking place in their health system. It is only Government, who have come to forward for creating a general awareness for women empowerment and livelihood and put an end to the dark picture of a woman.

If woman would be projected for development and a respect tag would be implemented for womanhood, state will do majestic development in all its spheres. In Election manifesto, it should be vested clearly, about the development of woman sector. The states Government have to come up with Women-Responsive Task force, to redress the issues related to eve-teasing, molestation, and cyber crime against woman.

Moreover, my survey has projected that a woman has to suffer most, if she loses her husband or son. She has to go through the trauma. No one, except her can understand the pain. I travelled across the village of Jammu and Kashmir state through a project on women-empowerment. At every juncture, what I find pain, agony, domestic-violence and pressure of house-hold.  Woman has to travel kilometres to fetch the water for drinking and eating purpose. Mostly women are ignorant about their health-care and its related issues.

No doubt, we have women in top government Posts and corporate lobbies but the fate of a woman is still travelling in a river, under dark shadow. The state policies have to draft and implement for proper empowerment of woman in our society. It is the duty of men to support woman causes in every village and change their thinking against woman. The gender violence should be stopped now. As Parliament passed the maternity bill for the support of woman and a baby, Government should come up with the measures for the support of woman living in rural villages of India, especially in Jammu and Kashmir state.  Woman has to rise and come over from the dark corridor towards the road of Respect, empowerment and Dignity. If this goal is achieved, then no one stops this woman from the goal of Social-empowerment and Development.

I have witness social-injustice from my childhood, I lost all my near and dear ones and My-story teller Grandmother, is in my mind and heart. The pain I am travelling through is all because of being a woman.


(Sheikh Nosheen)- The writer is Woman-Executive Coordinator TO CEEOIndia, and running women-empowerment centres across rural villages of Jammu and Kashmir State and is currently enrolled with Department of Human-Behaviour Harvard Extension School.