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“Falsehood is always bound to perish but in itinerary much is lost”

As the chastisement is essential to straighten the loose cannons, to set up a social order in the way it should be, judiciary has pivotal role to play.  But then ambiguity in this area directly or indirectly will have serious repercussion. When multiple explosions cleaved through teeming spots in the heart of the Capital on October 29, 2005, innocent lives were lost.

Although every nook and corner of the valley is painted red by the spilled innocent blood but then every innocent life lost is as sad as it happens anywhere and needs highly condemned. Perpetrator need to be booked and dealt with the law of land.  But then it is also of utmost importance that any injustice isn’t done to innocents who are fabricated to satisfy the collective scruples of the populace.  

Mohammad hussain Fazili, Farooq Ahmed Khan, Syed Maqbool Shah, Mirza Iftikhar Hussain, Rafiq, and Mohammad Aamir the list is unending who because of the wrongful arrest and long incarceration were completed shattered and smashed. Framed, Damned and then acquitted of the serious charges which led to the loss of their youth, time, and feeling moreover labelled them as murderers of the naive people.

Created to tackle violence and high-profile crime, the Special Cell was formed in 1986 but then it became a law unto itself, a marauding force, ‘encountering’ and detaining ‘suspects’ almost at will. As documents suggest that several ‘terror’ cases which fell apart in court because of lack of evidence, or fabrication, tampering and planting of evidence by the so called special Police.

The innocents were logged in the 6-by-4-foot cell, for an under trial Framed, Damned for the crimes of which his wildest dreams would be revered of, Slamming them by the serious crimes of conspiring against the nation with the credence of spilling innocent blood, the poor souls keep languishing. Their world plunged into darkness, books they used to read where home to moths, homes turned into houses, children of them lost their shine and the panes of windows presented the same deserted story. These prisoners languished for the sight of stars and moon, even the possibility of a bird fluttering its wings become a dream for them.

For a student It took 12 years for Indian justice system to understand that the MA student was in classroom. The attendance register, the teachers statement, the hood of school friends every single thing that clearly hinted his non involvement was turned to black. Prosecution has failed to prove its case against them beyond reasonable doubt, although falsehood is bound to perish but in itinerary he lost everything. Rafiq isn’t the only case as cited above but one in a long list. It represents a microcosm of the Indian state’s war on the Kashmiri people, a war waged to control their bodies, collective will and ambitions.

The fabricated substantiation, forced witnesses and every framed scheme to plot these people all for saving the skin of the so called special team. The framed, dammed innocents had to take hit left right centre and languish in the jails. The acquitted were left to undergo woe not even on the mere suspension but on framed stories, bystander who never endorsed the framed innocents.  

“The occurrence with ‘justice’ by Kashmiris is captured brilliantly in an African proverb “corn can’t expect justice from a court composed of chickens”.

However justice was served to the innocents who were framed as they were finally acquitted of all the charges that had been labelled on them not before devastating every single re of theirs. Acquitted after languishing in the 6-by-4-foot cell for more than a decade, the whole lot has broken, they walk free but their souls remain crippled and under seize.

The ruling hints all the loopholes that led to the making of the beings with devastated and traumatized souls, who are free yet occupied. Every single charge against them fell apart in the courtroom; the ambiguity in the investigation agency had to face serious questions of credibility and human rights violations. Mind fails to understand why as in case of the student, they brushed aside his plea that it could be proved he was in his class on the day of the blast. Rather The Agency relied on unsure witness, who ended up contradicting himself. It led to the gash, a splinter into the soul and dreams of the people who could have done wonders with their life.

Although acquitted, set free of all charges, left to have a new lease of life but they still have a tough time ahead. Lost years of youth, financially broke family, health issues and time when the presence of these wrongfully incarcerated people was felt, it can’t be brought back. The growing of their children, the lost innocence, the unhealed past, the unfinished career, the youth and every feeling of being at home, Alas: Nothing can be compensated......

  They are free but yet have a long way to go to build up confidence and courage to stand up, bear the brunt of their past to shape up their future. A slight of noise would certainly make them nervous; their health issues will give them a bad time, financially broke family will make them to work much harder in the old age, their trodden house will make the trek harder to turn into homes. But then they have to rebuild the damaged and bespoke the torn and i wish it happens sooner. People cannot be in their shoes, although will be in solidarity with them.

The investigating agencies need to understand their job precisely, stop fabricating case on vulnerable ones. They need to understand that instead of saving their own skill by targeting the innocent ones, their job is to bring the culprits to the book. They need shift their focus on sincere investigation and avoid fabricating and planting stories. Maybe the interference from the judiciary to direct  and reprimand the investigating agencies.

 It will set the talk straight, that loophole in the agencies needs to be dealt accordingly. The Govt of the day needs to cross-check the facts and figures of such cases and do their bit to make sure that no innocents and logged in the jails. It will lead to restoring the faith in the alienated ones. The local populace and Non-Govt organisations need to identify and provide legal and financial assistance to such people so that a relief is provided to them. The social order should be in solidarity with the people who were Framed, Damned and then acquitted, provide moral, social and other support to them.

I call upon Almighty for their peace and strength.           ...Ameen








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Every one of us are faced the present unrest conditions in Kashmir. The one of the darker part in the history of Kashmir Inspite of killings of innocents. The four months continued unrest affected all people in all parts of Kashmir. This unrest is in the world’s history on second in number. The unrest raised after the killing of Burhan wani a Hizabul Mujahedeen Commander. The unrest started first in the south side of Kashmir and suddenly spread to cover the whole Kashmir in its grip. Even those far-flung areas of Jammu and Kashmir who don’t know and never take part in freedom movement also take part in the unrest moment. Even the people of Indian who supports Indian Ideology took part in the Unrest moment. Not only in Kashmir but the fire spread to the whole parts of the country and even spread internationally where people protested against the human rights violations in Kashmir. The Pakistan PM Mr. Nawaz Sharif raises the unrest issue in the UNO assembly and his speech of one Hour is almost on Kashmir issue and human Rights violations in Kashmir. 

Every sector and every region was badly affected weather directly or indirectly.  The business sector in Kashmir was totally stopped but still they stand the support the freedom movement and violated against the human violation acts in Kashmir. The security forces of India not only kill, injured the people but they damaged the public properties such as Transformers, buildings and broken down the window panes of the houses. The security forces raided the houses at nights and beat the innocent people, women and even children were not spared. Not only this they even don’t spared the ambulances which were on way to hospitals with the patients, the forces broke down the ambulance’s panes and beat the drivers too. On this many hospitals and doctors protest to stop this unhuman acts, but present government don’t bother to order the forces to do what they like.

The losses were not only faced in business but almost in every sector. The unrest took Hundreds of innocent’s lives with the hands of brutal forces of India so called democratic country. Thousands of innocents were injured with the pallet guns, the forces even don’t spare the 4-year boy who was injured with the pallets and many of the people lose their eyes for ever. There are thousands of innocent people who are booked under PSA (public safety act) during this unrest and shifted to outside jails, most of the people are teenagers and students.  The pallet guns which were once used for the controlling the mad animals are now used to suppress the voice of freedom movement in Kashmir. The new Pova shells were especially made for the people of Kashmir. The company which made the Pova shells know the deleterious impacts of such weapons. They said don’t try to use them on people because this would paralyse the humans for minutes. The tears of mothers who lost their innocent kins, the silent voice of the people who lost their eyes are still evoke in our hearts. The loud speakers of every village, city was roaring with the freedom slogans and songs. Every wall and road surfaces were written with freedom slogan lines to express the wrath of people upon brutal forces like “Go India Go Back”. The electric HT lines, poles were flagged.

The government of Kashmir was seeing this all but they could not even spoke a word to stop this all. The CM of Kashmir said that the people who took stones in their hands are not innocents but terrorists and they ordered the security forces to do what they like. The CM blamed others for the responsibility of unrest however it was the respond ability wholly and solely of the state government itself.

Hundreds of innocent Deaths occurred by the hands of security forces who were actually meant for secure the public lives as well as properties. In this CM said that only two persons were innocent who were killed during this unrest in Kashmir. In a significant announcement made in the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly, Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has ordered an SIT (Special Investigation Team) to probe into the killing of an ATM guard and a school teacher by the security forces. While ATM guard Reyaz was shot from point-blank range with a pellet gun, a school teacher who was beaten to death by the Army in Khrew area of south Kashmir. Both these incidents took place during the 2016 unrest and about 100 people, mostly teenagers, were killed during this turmoil in the Valley that was triggered by the killing of Burhan Wani by the security forces in July last year. The Army has already apologised for the school teacher's death and ordered a court of inquiry.

After hearing this announcement from the CM in favour of only two Kashmiris. we feel very upset because the rest innocent people who were killed, blinded, injured and even disturbed could not be seen as innocents by the CM. The CM who even don’t say a word during the unrest and the innocent’s killings Now Today In the assembly, the chief minister made significant compensations for relief and rehabilitation of 2016 pellet gun victims. She announced that Rs 5 lakh would be given to the families of those killed in firing and shelling and government jobs to youth blinded by pellet guns. Mufti said the protests were well organised and that kids were used as shields.

We are feared that if people would accept the present scheme, then the said Quote “The Kashmiri are Brahmans who are greedy for money” will be proved true. The attitude of Kashmiri people would be decided by this new compensation scheme launched by the Government of state, weather they really want freedom or they are greedy upon money as per said Quote. 

Now The time will decide that all these happenings that occurred during the 2016 unrest are preplanned or people of Kashmir really want freedom form the slavery of India. The 4 months continued unrest and curfew will prove that people really donate their blood for the cause of freedom movement or only for money. If people accept the present compensation scheme of Indian government which is recently announced in the assembly house, then we can’t blame on state government or the Indian security forces that they ruin our lives and are responsible for the present happenings in Kashmir. Accepting this scheme will prove a Kashmiri quotation called “Karmo Karmo Paney Aath Farmou” meaning that we are responsible of our own happenings. Or if people really shed their blood for the cause of the freedom movement then they would Boycott the scheme and prove their real faith for freedom movement.

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Every Nation, country or state tries to make its future bright and prosperous. This is possible only when the youth of the nation are well developed. It is the youth that make the future of any state or country and leads it to the path of development. When we visit any other state, except J&K, we see the people are happy with their living. If the young boys or even girls remain at their outings till late night hours and their parents don’t bother about, because they know their children would come back safely. The children are playing, watching movies and enjoying with their friends. Their parents send them to good schools so that their dreams would come true and they will become good citizens of the country.

If the children doing any mistake, whether the mistake is anti-law acts the local police pardon them and they don’t want that their future should become dark by launching an FIR against them. If they repeat the same mistake, then there are counselling centres where they are being counselled so that they would prove themselves as good humans and would work for their future to make it bright. However the state of Jammu and Kashmir is well equipped with talent within Kashmiri people which is more dominant as compared to the people of rest of India. They are good in every aspect such as study, playing or any other activity related to their profession or academics. Inspite of very less resources and opportunities the Kashmiri youth is highly dominant over the rest of India. This proves their ability and potential.

The turmoil circumstances of Kashmir is on the move to spoil the future as well as the talents of Kashmiri youth. Under such conditions where students should be booked to well institutions and research centres they are being booked under PSA and other related acts. Unlike the other people of other states they are not given even a mercy chance to save their future and make their nation to grow but instead they are being cruelly treated and forced to ruin their future.  There are thousands of people mostly students who are being booked under PSA and jailed for years. Who is responsible for this all, whether the youth who come out on roads for their rights or the Indian government system that has snatched their rights out of no reason?

When the youth especially of Kashmir are released from the jails, their dreams have ended undone as their lives have been spoiled totally by the PSA like Acts. Their dreams of becoming Doctors, engineers, Teachers and so on remains in their hearts undone forever. And this eternal fire forces them to become stone palters or other anti-nation people who are sometimes called as terrorists etc. etc. 

Their of hundreds of instances like when a boy comes out from his house to go play with his friends in morning but at the evening the same boy reaches back but dead. The parents who are no way waiting for such accidental return of their wards have to face such happenings in Kashmir. And even some parents are waiting for years but their wards have not returned back yet but still they are with the hope about their return. This is the real face of Kashmir circumstances at present when the whole world has entered into the era of advanced technology.

What is the cause to book the great talented people of Kashmir under PSA? What is the future of such talented people after the termination of punishment? What is the guilty of victims of the pallet laden bodies? The blinded Juvenile? And the people who are booked under PSA? Is this all the future of Kashmir where the paradise would be soon called as “The land of Blinds” or “The land of Prisoners” or somewhat else…..?

Who do you think is Responsible for making such people stone palters? Weather the innocent Kashmiris or the Government itself.  Where is the government of state? Are they in deep sleep or they are being exploited for little wages. The state is being run by the people who have no concern with the people of the state but they are doing all to have the land of Kashmir.

We are so worried about the future of Kashmir that is …………. Dying. And we think if the right steps are not taken immediately then the Kashmir would become Number One agitated state of India where majority of the youth instead of Doctors, Layers, Teachers and Engineers would be PSA slapped in their heads. If the youth are pardoned and not booked under PSA then there are chances that the youth of Kashmir would become good citizens and would make their dreams possible and they would lead the nation towards prosperity and to the platform of development and advancement.

So our request would go to the concerned authorities, the government of state, the Non-government agencies and the human rights organisations of the world that before the future of Kashmir would come to an end please come forward and stop such inhuman Acts, if they really want to see the bright future of Jammu and Kashmir. The youth should be given a Mercy chance to save their future and to save Jammu and Kashmir……..