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ANANTNAG:  Tweets of Trumph alongside ‘lubberly postures’ exposed him well before the world in general and Iranian in particular. The Iranians got the clue how he intends to utilize any possible fault line existing in their territory to exploit the scenario to get its adversarial manipulated vicious plans to the conclusions. All set in egomaniac, though such attempts including his predecessors have been bearing the results alas to them "the big failure ".

He couldn't lose minutes to shower his so called sympathy over the protesters, who might have been out in streets to make their genuine demands met out by their government. And to hold a peaceful protest might always remain the right of an individual that too on issues concerning his very existence including those of inflation and unemployment. But unnecessary indulgence strayed the positive intentions of protesters.

 A nation famous for their national pride could never tolerate, their protesting scenario being exploited by their known and recognized foe to defame their national status /values established and cared so since thousands of years. They realized on the very moment that they could’t give a room to their enemy to interfere in their internal matters. Thus in other words the Trumph administration denied them an opportunity to seek their day to day issues redressed without being more inconvenient. By bringing the issue to UNO Trumph's envoy to UN Heeley brought nothing but worldly acknowledged bewilderment to her entire establishment.

 To be realistic this nation can't be fooled by tweeting   such ill temperamental and clumsy texts obviously designed to provoke riots.  This has been a long civilization. They are known for their literature, their poetry and their values.To ascertain their inheritance we have to recall "the Rustum", for wisdom they have given to the world the "Sadi", the "Rumi","Bu Ali Seena" and to my native place the revolutionary personality "The Mir Syed Ali Hamdani "

To modern world they have given the best ever neurosurgeon and the best ever woman mathematician. In sports; they have a football team with no. One ranking of Asia. Their medal tallies in Olympics remain among first fives of Asian countries. Their HRD is very good. 70 percent of their scientists are women. They are among fastest growing/ developing nations in terms of science. This is the only islamic nation having space technological advancements. They are 2nd to none in Drone/Nano technology.

Their GDP has 40 percent share of service sector although having large resources of petroleum and minerals. Tehran stock exchange market is one of the best performing exchange markets of the world. It is only the 18th economy of world, having GDP above $450 billion and per capita income about $19000. This is a resistant economy confronting all possible embargoes / sanctions and restrictions imposed over since decades now. They have shown to the world their well established diplomatic technocrats. Astonishingly,  yet the super opponents could not classify if by agreeing a deal with them, whether they lost or won.

Mr Trumph and his allies should be knowing that   the protesters are a section of the same society who are barred by the same Trumph administration to enter the USA, clearly  a notion of apartheid announced officially in the  early 21st century that too by the man in the same chair and house which has accommodated the big personalities known for upholding the human  values even at the cost of their lives  like Gorge Washington, & Ibrahim Linchon. The protesters comprise the same nations who are usually labeled as terrorists by same administration with more stress during Trumph era. The protesters are members of the same idealogy whose usual  and favourite slogan in their   congregations rigt from Friday prayers, Quds day rallies, Aushora processions, Eid celebrations exactly sounds undeterred  "Marg ber Amarica""Marg ber Israiel". The protesters could be grown up orphans of the war imposed over them for about a decade, remembered as "sacred war" in Iran by the same country and its allies though in disguised way.

The protests were held   in a resistant economy confronting all the economic atrocities   since decades on the hands of so called pro democratic countries only because they over threw a monarch and revolutionized their system in accordance to mass opinion of public opted an Islamic and democratic procedure such that their all institutions are led by their elected representative. As such were able to free their system from the clutches of    manipulated/ conspiratorial   lobbies.

To precise the jotting I hope that Mr Trumph, his administration & allies might have watched the rallies marched after unnecessary ignition of theirs. Surely the ply cards and the picturesque rallies holding photos of Ali Khaminaie would have made them to introspect their tweeting skills and diplomatic strategies. And the sound which will surely pierce down to their  nerves to  make them realize what actually an emerging Asian and more importantly Islamic power sounds  at its threshold  to the best of  their satisfied and determined will repeatedly in the same rhythm, volume  pitch and pronouncements ( "MARG BER AMARICA "MERG BER ISRAIEL ").

Therefore your tweets and exaggerated cry and so called sympathy bounced in more roaring and ferocious tune back to you to convey you? That you couldn't succeed to divert the world attention   from embassy shifting issue. However Iranian and other revolutionary nations might have attained your otherwise good acquaintance. The Iranian regime could focus better now on the issues of inflation, unemployment, service deliverance etc besides the terrorist activities around it. Iran can modify its strategy to be more pivotal at international level. It has to enhance logistics to ensure its smooth access outside its territory to thwart every evil design manipulated to destabilize Middle East. Though the access is already evident up to Meditarian Sea. They could focus keenly to pick out the weeds from their fertile land, producing saffron and cashew nuts in abundance. They could be more skillful to knit an intelligence oriented carpet spread all over their territory to wave a stronger nation. And incorporate in it in a typical tweeting language "NO TO FOREIGN INTERFERERANCE"


And the incorporated text could unite them more to prosper on the way they opted first some 1400 years ago and revised recently in year 1979. What the opponents should listen more passionately from them, as the revolutionists are used to pronounce the entity "Shietan e Buzareg". Has "he" succeeded to prove it right at least in the instant discourse?