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In winters people of my  place  intend to be more familiar about western disturbances. Weather Forecasts of Meteorological  department always mention in the "western disturbances" to classify the following precipitating  weather conditions here. It is actually the extra - tropical strom orginating over the  Meditarian region,getting moisture from meditarian sea and Atlantic ocean driven by westerlies east wards till encountering Himaliyas to pricipate over here.The magnitude and potential  of the system arising so determines all the forecasting essence of our  MET department especially  during winters.Hope the disturbances arise soon to give a snow cover to my piece of land. The mountains, hills,plateaus,meadows,plains all could look the scene full .The plants  here could remain dormant to flourish thriving on  the very  warmth of spring to adorn my land blossoming and wonderful . Again my land with eminence    blossoms is thriving to be called the paradise on earth.

A western disturbances not the climatic in nature approached this land, shattering the kind hearts of all the  dwellers  across all sections.It was the news of innocent Zainab dweller of Kasur city. She  was found dead  in the  garbage site of her city.She was only 7 years old.She fell a prey to an unscrupulous  minded human skull.She was at home without her parents as she had   farewelled recently  them while  aboarding an aeroplane, taken off, flown  over, far, for their  pilgrimage. She was reportedly abducted while going to learn Quran.   Her name Zainab surely implies her and  her parents  reverance and love for the pure progeny of the most kind man dwelled on this sphere, with all his mention to give every possible respect,care and good values to women folk. 

She became the victim of the menace of child abuse. Although any physical,emotional ,sexual and psychological mistreatment of a child by any one is called the child abuse.But this case shatters your being as human. Imagening,  What she  suffered?Why,when and how? Makes you  helpless to stop trolling  down over your cheeks the unintended  tears. Every thing existing would be decrying  her helplessness in front of a human beast.

Beasts as we refer to dangerous four footed animals would also disapprove   such cruelty. Watching  beasts on TV channels like animal planet too taught us that their world is too empathetic. They too care few naturally   acquainted  emotions and sentiments . We see  members of a flock care their baby fellows irrespective of their parentage. Even we see them saving their new borns at the stake  of their lives.At the maximum they could thrash one another or predators ravage the flesh . But one could hardly and to my experience never observe the bigger beast exploiting the new born sexually. 

Even many of us would have seen the vedio a lioness just  going for the prey of a baby gazelle to devour it. Amazingly   seeing its innocent activities in her clutches  abruptly changed her intentions completely. She not only keeps it intact  but fights other animals to save the baby gazelle.She puts her all efforts to match it  with its mother gazelle.  There could be 100s such evidences where the beasts witness their wits better than a ruthless human. so to call a man indulging in  cruel and heinous practice a beast is unfair  to the animals sustaining in flocks that too, too big to surprise the human mind. They keep migrating through out year to find their subsistence  all through very hazardous and odd ways . The beasts could still actualize  the value and importance of living together.

Man a social animal has  developed all the isms for times unaccountable  to be wise enough to understand how he could ably establish a good society. All the religions have taught the human how to uphold the values and ethos to actually realize  the essence of being the best creature  of universe .All the good owes to the CREATOR and His  pleasure could be achieved only when you please  his creatures.All the evolved isms  are apparently  meant to develop human behavior to cater a very good society.  Alas! whenever any conscienceless individual  finds an oppurtunity he severely   wounds the  being of humanity face.

    The instant case not only is the case of child abuse but the victimisation of baby girl.Thus a gender based victamisation.Almost all over the world women folk duely feel insecure at their work places,shopping malls,  schools, colleges & even on streets leading to their homes It is not  because of male dominance but due to savage mentality prevailent among conscience less male members of our societies. 

The male dominant feature of the society need to be uprooted from its very roots besides  morally and modestly acquiring  attitudes need to be groomed in and imparted to every soul . implementation of moral education and bringing into  effect suitable laws and measures without taking outerly cry out into considerations through deliberate and serious  legislations is the paramount  responsibility of governing monopolies.

Again the parents especially the mother has a pivotal role to play.From the very beginning sense of  privacy need to be developed in children especially baby child.How to be reserved,modest  careful and god fearing as such pious  has to be groomed in the children. How to  resist and how to cry ,God forbidden in case of any eventuality need to be taught.To establish  a barrier between a stranger and the familiar  need to be inculcated right from very early.  And so on. kitchen,bathroom,bedroom,school going bus,to school every thing should be in the range of your  radar.

Every activity of your children need to be monitored curiously. Your  first priority   should be your children .Your focus should be their over all developement ie moral, behavioural, mental,psychological besides  their physical  one. Due care to your budding ones and imparting all good inherited values and ethos to them  could be your best gratitude to Zanab's innocence and modesty. Zainab may your all opressed , traumatised but all odours and scent full  body rest  in all peace and blessings of the CREATOR! Hope your parents feel their  wound healed up just by seeing your opressor hanged till death!