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The Chief Minister

Mehbooba Mufti

Esteemed Madam, 

I am writing you this letter amid a hope that you being a women and a mother may recognize my pain of separation from my child who from many years is languishing in jail just for raising his voice against the injustice. 

I am handicapped mother of Sheikh Danish Mushtaq resident of  Aloosa Bandipora aged 23 who has been booked under Public Safety Act several times during  the past few years on account of being an activist in separatist politics. 

Recently, I saw a ray of hope when you announced the amnesty for hundreds of youth, but later it deepened my wounds of separation after I found no name of my lone son Danish in the list.    

Not only I am handicapped, Danish too is handicapped which already inflicts emotion and sometimes physical distress, but he has a greater responsibility of family including his father and sister whose education dreams hinge upon Danish. 

My son has been slapped with Public Safety Act and lodged in different jails, and still in detention despite the Judiciary quashing PSA against him but some are hell bent to destroy him and do not want to see him released.

It is a matter of great pain that when he was on way to complete his life dream course MBA in Chandigarh Punjab and had in fact completed one semester but was shown the doors of prison while on holidays at home.

Danish always advocated peaceful forms of agitation and believed in non violence. He as a disciplined human always believes in core values of human justice and has thus raises his voice against any form of injustice against fellow humans irrespective of color, creed or religion. The same has leaded him to take a lead wherever injustice happens.

 I am hopeful your good-self will consider the case of my lone son under the recently announced amnesty scheme were you have laid thrust that reconciliation, peace dominate revenge and hate.

I hope that few vested interests who are taking the case of our son  like a revenge aspect rather than legal merits would also be made to follow proper law.

I am hopeful of a kind attention at your end into this case on urgent humantarian grounds. 


With regards 

Unfortunate Mother of 

Sheikh Danish Mushtaq