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When a baby girl is born, parent’s expectations are torn.

From the time of her birth, she has just one paisa worth.

But the birth of a baby boy, gives each and every parent joy.

The sorrows of family are drowned, as they got a diamond crown.


After some years, girl plays with a doll,

And the boy has the right to play with a ball,

It is the time where girl is given a broom,

And is the time for the boy to bloom.


Now when both the children are mature,

‘Coz of the girl parents feel insecure.

But the boy can roam anywhere,

‘Coz there is no need for him to fear.


Finally, for the girl’s marriage, a boy is chosen,

Only regarding the girl, questions are arosen.

Some enquire the past and some present,

And the wish of the girl is totally absent.


The boy can get married whenever he likes,

Complete attention is given to his dislikes.

He is given authority to choose his bride,

The parents readily accept and feel pride.


After the marriage, individuality of the girl is lost,

She tries to keep others happy, at any cost.

The boy works hard to run life’s carriage,

But he is still as free as before marriage.


The story doesn’t ends even after having children,

After obeying parents and husband, she obeys her children.

The enslavery of the girl starts from her birth, 

It was, it is and it will continue on this earth.


Respect your daughter’s, wife’s and mother’s feeling,

The society as such will never allow her wound’s healing.

The society’s trends can’t be changed all of a sudden,

Take steps, or a girl will always feel herself to be a