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Kashmir is the heaven, the best tourist destination, land of Sufis, pious earth for a section of people inhabiting in India, but for Kashmiris the hell, the big prison, blooded land, flush point between India and Pakistan and so on.  It is here in the state of Jammu and Kashmir that all mainstream political parties are been supported during and after elections. It is here, that Hurriyat Conference is been heard and followed by the people in letter and spirit. Killing of anybody whether Army men, Civilian, Militant, Police personal in the land of Jammu and Kashmir is strongly condemned by the common people of the valley irrespective of religion, region, caste, creed and color.  The people of the state supported three broad political ideologies and that is the reason chaos, unrest, disunity is prevailing and complete failure in getting results are clearly seen on the surface. The ideologies representing people are as under accordingly.

1.   Kashmir as an integral part of India.

2.   The Kashmir is a disputed territory and inhabitants need freedom from Indian occupation.

3.   Kashmir is a part of Pakistan. 

The confusion among the masses has always failed the goals of all the stakeholders concerned. People have unfurled the flags of India, China, Pakistan and Kashmir from time to time in the Valley, resulted complexity in finding the genuine political problem of the state. Sometimes people have opposed the terrorism and sometimes flags of ISIS were raised during public demonstrations. Lakhs of people came to streets in year 2010 during Kashmir unrest, in which hundreds of youth were killed, the billions of economic loss and Kashmir bandh for months. After math this all frenzy mess, Sorry to say that same people in thousands were seen in queues to support the main stream political parties during elections.  

The shutdown calls from time to time given by  Joint resistant leadership are been followed by the people, on contrary, the calls given by the government like restrictions in several areas under the jurisdiction of different police stations are also been followed by the same. The common people knows no language in Kashmir due to complete confusion and fear, knows only to follow the given programs of any side. Those people supporting Burhan Wani, Sabzar Bhat and others, want their own children’s to remain far away from the gun. One section of the people wants daily encounters between Militants and Security forces in South Kashmir but not like to happen same with them. Their houses and families should be safe but like to hear the annihilation of other houses and families in the valley.  The presence of militants in any village is communicated to the security forces by the inhabitants of the Kashmir. On the other side, one section of people put their lives on risk to save the Militants on encounter sites. The history is a testimony to the fact that we have changed our faces from time to time, we joined Militancy, we cheated them turn to Ikhwanis and created an environment of hostility in the entire state. 

Common Kashmiri is so helpless that outside state he has to prove that he is an Indian and inside state he has to prove accordingly that he is a freedom lover. Neither Indians are ready to accept common Kashmiri as Indian citizen nor do Leaders of different freedom factions accept common Kashmiri as freedom fighter. He is always been doubted and with suspicious eyes his activities are been monitored. We have produced police forces, Militants as well as informers; all are the sons of the same soil. Any militant, police men at contemporary is been martyred in any part of the valley is a Kashmiri. Here killers as well as killed both are freedom fighters and martyrs. The distinction between good and bad is a herculean matter to understand due to continuous uncertainty and chaos in the valley.

The encounters on daily basis have put the lives of every ordinary man in a great distress.The long drawn conflict in Kashmir is responsible for the stress and mental disorders among the people particularly youth.  Neither strategy nor progressive dialogues are gaining momentum to put a pause on the ongoing cycle of violence in the state. 

Every Kashmiri have a major responsibility to rationally pounder over the situation and duty bound to contribute its best for bringing peace and normalcy in the state. The peace process should be started in the valley between all stake holders concerned in keeping view the deteriorating situation in the state and hardships of the common masses. War begets war and love begets love. Need of an hour is to leave the path of violence and start a comprehensive dialogue , confidence building measures and constructive strategies with an intention to win the hearts and minds of the people, so that cycle of deaths can be comprehended and stopped for all times to come. The Kashmir is on fire and will engulf whole sub-continent into its ambit, if not resolved at earliest. Delay in finding the solution to the issue will only raise deaths and destructions. 

Syed Karar Hashmi ( Social Activist and Political Commentator from Central Kashmir Ganderbal. Author can be contacted on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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The world of modernity turning into world of wildness by witnessing increasing women insecurity incidents in general and little and school girls in particular, every day we receive news from different corners of gang rapes against womens whether it is Nirbhai case in India or Zainab in Pakistan. Zainab, a 7 years old girl, from Pakistan who was an innocent and not knowing that her life his filled with life lasting risks. She looks very innocent and her twinkling and innocent eyes with joyous thoughts could never had imagined that her future will be filled with cold blooded murder by a rapist. She was badly tortured as her body marks clearly witnessed congestion excessive accumulation in her muscles, and her tongue was badly contused and injured as it was pressed between her teeth.

There are so many untold and unheard stories when girls have got raped even by their parents, teachers or at working places. It is estimated that about 96% rape victims get unreported. But the question here is why the male folk is not showing a little bit sensitivity or responsibility to deal with these matters why male folk believing itself as rational being is turning into an evil doer beast? Womens are being victimized at domestic as well as school and working places which results which badly affects their different aspects of functioning and can be short-lived or chronic.

 As reported by The Time Spend news paper on October 18, 2015 that in past five years the number of rapes reported each year in Delhi has more than tripled over the last five years registering an increase of 277% from 572 in 2011 to 2,155 in 2016,. Rape is being used just to treat womens as an object of gratification and womens at every step feel themselves and their personal autonomy at risk. In Pakistan in 2002, 30 year old, Mukhtaran Bibi was raped on the orders of Village Council, (serving as a lower judiciary there) on the allegation of that his 12 year old brother had sexual relations with some women (here again the women has been made victim for the crime also done by male). The abuser are neighbors, teachers, relatives even at some cases their own parents, 90% of abusers known to victims but there are being threatened to share this with anyone and only 10% are strangers. 

The likelihood that a person suffers suicidal or depressive thoughts increases after sexual violence.

·         94% of women who are raped experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) during the two weeks following the rape.

·         30% of women report symptoms of PTSD 9 months after the rape.

·         33% of women who are raped contemplate suicide.

·         13% of women who are raped attempt suicide.

·         Approximately 70% of rape or sexual assault victims experience moderate to severe distress, a larger percentage than for any other violent crime. 

 Womens survive but survives in the fear of incidents like this. The females face lot of social problems present in the society for which every male is responsible whether it is sexual harassment, rape, dowry deaths, spirit attacks and other such issues. So the question here is when the male folk should get mature and try to be accountable and to live a responsible life? When they will allow females to enjoy their own rights without any fear? Why some males feel that females are living on their mercy? When authorities will become accountable and responsible to ensure security of womens?

 What was the fault of Zainab? Why she couldn’t find the home streets safe to walk on? Only a seven years old girl who does not knows what is right and wrong, who never could have imagined that she will be the victim of these cruel and wild, insane wild beasts. The abuser  has been identified as her neighbor?

So I think the human soul should wake up to challenge and stop the crimes and war against womens. Rape as a weapon of war is a crime occurring on a massive global scale that has to be stopped. Not only does sexual violence in conflict lead to devastating physical and psychological ramifications for survivors, their families and communities, it is a severe human rights violation constituting an act of torture, a war crime and/or crime against humanity. The rape is definitely one of the major causes the keeps womens away from participating in decision making process.

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In winters people of my  place  intend to be more familiar about western disturbances. Weather Forecasts of Meteorological  department always mention in the "western disturbances" to classify the following precipitating  weather conditions here. It is actually the extra - tropical strom orginating over the  Meditarian region,getting moisture from meditarian sea and Atlantic ocean driven by westerlies east wards till encountering Himaliyas to pricipate over here.The magnitude and potential  of the system arising so determines all the forecasting essence of our  MET department especially  during winters.Hope the disturbances arise soon to give a snow cover to my piece of land. The mountains, hills,plateaus,meadows,plains all could look the scene full .The plants  here could remain dormant to flourish thriving on  the very  warmth of spring to adorn my land blossoming and wonderful . Again my land with eminence    blossoms is thriving to be called the paradise on earth.

A western disturbances not the climatic in nature approached this land, shattering the kind hearts of all the  dwellers  across all sections.It was the news of innocent Zainab dweller of Kasur city. She  was found dead  in the  garbage site of her city.She was only 7 years old.She fell a prey to an unscrupulous  minded human skull.She was at home without her parents as she had   farewelled recently  them while  aboarding an aeroplane, taken off, flown  over, far, for their  pilgrimage. She was reportedly abducted while going to learn Quran.   Her name Zainab surely implies her and  her parents  reverance and love for the pure progeny of the most kind man dwelled on this sphere, with all his mention to give every possible respect,care and good values to women folk. 

She became the victim of the menace of child abuse. Although any physical,emotional ,sexual and psychological mistreatment of a child by any one is called the child abuse.But this case shatters your being as human. Imagening,  What she  suffered?Why,when and how? Makes you  helpless to stop trolling  down over your cheeks the unintended  tears. Every thing existing would be decrying  her helplessness in front of a human beast.

Beasts as we refer to dangerous four footed animals would also disapprove   such cruelty. Watching  beasts on TV channels like animal planet too taught us that their world is too empathetic. They too care few naturally   acquainted  emotions and sentiments . We see  members of a flock care their baby fellows irrespective of their parentage. Even we see them saving their new borns at the stake  of their lives.At the maximum they could thrash one another or predators ravage the flesh . But one could hardly and to my experience never observe the bigger beast exploiting the new born sexually. 

Even many of us would have seen the vedio a lioness just  going for the prey of a baby gazelle to devour it. Amazingly   seeing its innocent activities in her clutches  abruptly changed her intentions completely. She not only keeps it intact  but fights other animals to save the baby gazelle.She puts her all efforts to match it  with its mother gazelle.  There could be 100s such evidences where the beasts witness their wits better than a ruthless human. so to call a man indulging in  cruel and heinous practice a beast is unfair  to the animals sustaining in flocks that too, too big to surprise the human mind. They keep migrating through out year to find their subsistence  all through very hazardous and odd ways . The beasts could still actualize  the value and importance of living together.

Man a social animal has  developed all the isms for times unaccountable  to be wise enough to understand how he could ably establish a good society. All the religions have taught the human how to uphold the values and ethos to actually realize  the essence of being the best creature  of universe .All the good owes to the CREATOR and His  pleasure could be achieved only when you please  his creatures.All the evolved isms  are apparently  meant to develop human behavior to cater a very good society.  Alas! whenever any conscienceless individual  finds an oppurtunity he severely   wounds the  being of humanity face.

    The instant case not only is the case of child abuse but the victimisation of baby girl.Thus a gender based victamisation.Almost all over the world women folk duely feel insecure at their work places,shopping malls,  schools, colleges & even on streets leading to their homes It is not  because of male dominance but due to savage mentality prevailent among conscience less male members of our societies. 

The male dominant feature of the society need to be uprooted from its very roots besides  morally and modestly acquiring  attitudes need to be groomed in and imparted to every soul . implementation of moral education and bringing into  effect suitable laws and measures without taking outerly cry out into considerations through deliberate and serious  legislations is the paramount  responsibility of governing monopolies.

Again the parents especially the mother has a pivotal role to play.From the very beginning sense of  privacy need to be developed in children especially baby child.How to be reserved,modest  careful and god fearing as such pious  has to be groomed in the children. How to  resist and how to cry ,God forbidden in case of any eventuality need to be taught.To establish  a barrier between a stranger and the familiar  need to be inculcated right from very early.  And so on. kitchen,bathroom,bedroom,school going bus,to school every thing should be in the range of your  radar.

Every activity of your children need to be monitored curiously. Your  first priority   should be your children .Your focus should be their over all developement ie moral, behavioural, mental,psychological besides  their physical  one. Due care to your budding ones and imparting all good inherited values and ethos to them  could be your best gratitude to Zanab's innocence and modesty. Zainab may your all opressed , traumatised but all odours and scent full  body rest  in all peace and blessings of the CREATOR! Hope your parents feel their  wound healed up just by seeing your opressor hanged till death!