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I as well as you often persuaded and attracted very deep into the harmony of cosmological existences can't have impact of a mere glittering flashiers on our being .What actually we pursue could mold our being as we prospect. We pursue , it as the existence but most organized , prospecting how to be self disciplined . Nature; it's components biotic or abiotic assist our physical persistence but sensationally very proportionate to the magnitudes of our senses.Suffice nervous hub and the consequent Wit's there upon not only in physical aspect but with its virtuality like the ideology, imagination,thinking,learning don't remain confined to issues pertaining to subsistence only .Ever since human skulls have remained too Suffice to accommodate every thought,reason and purpose behind very aesthetics of cosmology we observe around .

Thus thoughts have been evolving alongside every growth and swelling of human dwellings.The manifestations are concerns of upliftment and the welfare of human being which actually has the pre requisite to be self disciplined as such harmonic as nature deems.Thoughts could exist and prevail by justifying reasons how to be resolute to the harmony resembling the obvious manifestation of nature.

Man as an individual as well as a component of this prided dwelling has to hear the whispering sound of nature to be harmonic .Some could hear it in very vibrant tune arousing from billions of existences and some in Whispering one . What I could decipher , the sounds ask me to know my origin, my medium , my destiny and my cause. Thus acquire the truth and learn to be conservative but all coherent so to uphold the Truthfulness and the reason. Responses accumulated from the corners of my inner conscience to these persuading sounds are rightly modulated to tune as; "I try to be harmonic to nature as one but prime component of it. 

What does this imply ?

The answer could reverberate as , "I am rational". I am fundamentalist.I am conservative.I follow reason.I follow logic.I am practical.I believe in truth .I am tolerant.I observe patience. My aim is to spread peace and love .My objective is universal brotherhood . My prospect is knowledge . My persistence is wisdom . My providence is pious . My aim is elimination of ignorance . I am affectionate to knowledge . I keep promises .I am helpful to needy . I feel the pain . I enjoy being helpful . I am generous . I am exonerating . I like beauty.I like cleanliness .I am bestowed with emotions.I know to be thankful.I know to be obedient.I know to be repulsive to evil. I know to be attractive to good.I know when to cry.I know when to smile .I know how to defend.I know how to protect.I know how to retaliate.I know when to be sober. I know how to struggle. I know how to strive .I know how to work .I know when to rest .I know how to pray . I know whome to pray .I know how to ask .I know when to provide.I know how to elaborate inks .I know how to be punctual . I know how to be regular .I know how to be healthy.I know what to eat .I know how to earn. I know what is wealth.I know what to speak .I know when to speak .I know the worth of silence . Infact I know my origin,my medium, my destiny and my cause. I owe to good and good owes to me .

From the origin to the destiny I strive for acquiring such values as an individual and as well as a component of society. Acquisition of all such affirmative ; how , know, when, why , like, prepositions, suffixes , prefixes makes surely the existence harmonic on papers but implementation requires the intellect and vision which universally acknowledged mantras like self discipline can flourish in the setup . An individual as a component of society has to aim to excel as such to be propellent of the whole establishment.

Self discipline is generally perceived as individual phenomenon . It is regarded as to be very reserved , punctual ,caring , smart , affectionate ,skillful , attentive and acquisition of other such good characteristics .But more than anything else self discipline to the society is the acquisition of characters at the helm to be fortitude so not to bend to the difficulties . It is to combine such fortitudes with knowledge and science oriented values and to employ them in the path of reform.

A self disciplined man observes self controll over his free will and evacuates his inner room facilitating temptation and desire by steadfastness and genral will .Time has tested that survival and edification of the society requires fortitudes which are usually grown up by observing the mantras like self discipline. As such self discipline is the essential and useful principle that contributes effectively and a lot as foundation to the mans progress and development.

How to be self disciplined needs to observe mantra like ; "whatever you like for yourself like it for others too" . Whatever you expect from others provide the same to them. Generally we could call ourselves self disciplined when we spend our moments in a very organized manner. Like early to bed and early to rise.First come and first serve.Being punctual , up to date , doing exercises, giving weaker ones preferences etc.

We could observe self discipline in our day to day life ; like in hospital waiting rooms , food store outlets, LPG distribution centres , banks , public places , tourist places , bus stops , railway stations, etc. We observe self discipline while we drive as per laid down rules and regulation.We observe self discipline when we don't pollute our surroundings .We are self disciplined , we use our resources judiciously . We are self disciplined , we celebrate our festivals purely as per the given commandments.We are self disciplined , we held our marriages not as show of expenses.We are self disciplined , we are all set to eradicate the menaces like drug addiction , corruption mismanagement from the very roots.We are self disciplined , we are accountable and responsible . We are self disciplined , we encourage mutual respect and mutual interest. 

Infact we are self disciplined when we take due care of ourselves as well as our surroundings.  As an individual and as well as componant of society we must have the intellect of very basics that shape our being as contributing units to at least lay a strong foundation to a society exactly adherent to principles suitably grooming to aspire the set goals as a well establishment . And in the instant discussion I stress the concept to be realised so is again self discipline.  As such we are socially , economically , culturally in fact in every aspect self disciplined consiquently every thing we wish , aspire , and dream blossoms soon as comming spring.Thus thriving and flourishing surroundings provide us a prosperous and beautiful dwelling as the destiny . 

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The Chief Minister

Mehbooba Mufti

Esteemed Madam, 

I am writing you this letter amid a hope that you being a women and a mother may recognize my pain of separation from my child who from many years is languishing in jail just for raising his voice against the injustice. 

I am handicapped mother of Sheikh Danish Mushtaq resident of  Aloosa Bandipora aged 23 who has been booked under Public Safety Act several times during  the past few years on account of being an activist in separatist politics. 

Recently, I saw a ray of hope when you announced the amnesty for hundreds of youth, but later it deepened my wounds of separation after I found no name of my lone son Danish in the list.    

Not only I am handicapped, Danish too is handicapped which already inflicts emotion and sometimes physical distress, but he has a greater responsibility of family including his father and sister whose education dreams hinge upon Danish. 

My son has been slapped with Public Safety Act and lodged in different jails, and still in detention despite the Judiciary quashing PSA against him but some are hell bent to destroy him and do not want to see him released.

It is a matter of great pain that when he was on way to complete his life dream course MBA in Chandigarh Punjab and had in fact completed one semester but was shown the doors of prison while on holidays at home.

Danish always advocated peaceful forms of agitation and believed in non violence. He as a disciplined human always believes in core values of human justice and has thus raises his voice against any form of injustice against fellow humans irrespective of color, creed or religion. The same has leaded him to take a lead wherever injustice happens.

 I am hopeful your good-self will consider the case of my lone son under the recently announced amnesty scheme were you have laid thrust that reconciliation, peace dominate revenge and hate.

I hope that few vested interests who are taking the case of our son  like a revenge aspect rather than legal merits would also be made to follow proper law.

I am hopeful of a kind attention at your end into this case on urgent humantarian grounds. 


With regards 

Unfortunate Mother of 

Sheikh Danish Mushtaq

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DODA: " A minor girl from nomadic Gujjer family from Hiranagar Kathua was brutally raped , murder and was decomposed in bushes of nearby forest in the month of January 2018 . As the news of incident when viral and mother of victim was called to identify the body   of deceased who was brutally raped and murdered , As the mother identified the body and called victim as her piece of heart { Ye mere jigar ka tukra ha } " . 

A large number of peoples launched a strong demonstration against this brutal incident happened in Hiranagar Kathua of Jammu and Kashmir state. As the agitation goes on worldwide and ever section of society condemn this incident and demanded fair probe in this matter and strong action according  to law.  "In_Focus" , Jammu is a region of Republic India where all religions are living together without any Caste,Creed, Color and Sex and had created an example of peaceful environment from several decades , from where a Maharaja had called it peaceful when he saw a lion and goat together.

The state Jammu and Kashmir is governed by a lady Chief Minister who had became first lady to designate such prestigious post . Having political ideology of Peoples Democratic Party Ms Mehbooba Mufti is representing state as first Lady  Chief Minister. As soon as news went viral on social networking sites , every section of the society expressed his solidarity with the victim family and demanded high level inquiry to arrest the acused involved in this heinous crime.

There was a world wide protests , Candle March and boycotting of Budget session 2017 _ 18 by opposition political parties i.e Congress and even by ruling Peoples Democratic Party and Bharatiya Janta Party serious concern was expressed and free and fair investigation was demanded to root out the acused involved in murder Rape of minor nomadic girl Asifa.  As soon as the investigation was going on , there became several zigzags that tried their best efforts in taking this murder Rape on that patten where noone can be called acused . As the worldwide protest continues , the investigation agencies rootouts the murder rape acused and arrested one Deepak Khajuria Special Police Officer and his associate Surinder Singh . 

As the arrest of Deepak Khajuria  and Surinder Singh was made by Investigation team , Jammu and Kashmir state came on that end where rallies were organised to defend Rapist . The Hindu Ekta Manch from Jammu Kathua region under the banner of National Flag of Republic India { Tri Colour } along with Public Legislative Representatives marched through roads to defend the Rape acused Deepak Khajuria and his associate Surinder Singh . 

It was to much surprising , that Senior leaders from ruling Bharatiya Janta Party and Opposition Congress party , the leaders from both parties joined hand with Hindu Ekta Manch marched in favour of Rape murder acused and demanded the release of both . As the both acused are in Crime Branch Investigating team custody of Jammu Kashmir Police while Crime Branch has maintained that Deepak Khajuria while confessing his crime said minor nomad girl Asifa was raped and murdered to terrify Muslim Bakarwal Community in this region. 

It was a time when every section of society was seeking justice for Asifa without any Caste , Creed , Colour or religion . The Bharatiya Janta Party and Indian National Congress  supporters defending the acused used Indian tricolour and marched through roads of Kathua town seeking the release of Khajuria and became part of that illegal Pro-Rape Rally.  Prominent Congress leaders from Kathua district of Jammu region who along with their supporters participated in the BJP sponsored rally of Hindu Ekta Manch were Girdhari Lal , Subhash Chander and Vijay Tagotra.

Congressman becoming part of  Pro Rape Rally can be observed only for vote bank as party high command is silent on the issue of their members joining in Pro Rape Rally . Ruling Bharatiya Janta Party district President from Kathua district P N Dogra had said that it is all about "Nationalists" versus "Anti Nationalists" and it has no faith in Crime Branch of Jammu Kashmir Police.

On the one side a Political Representative is protesting to defend acused and on side Political Representative from same party is calling it unfortunate and demanding life sentence to acused. As the Party Chief called it unfortunate and suspend his party leader from party .  It was very unfortunate that defenders Rally is marching across the streets to defend the minor Rape and murder acused and no action is taken , and I citizen of India is calling this incident unfortunate and condemn this by expressing his views is stopped and taken in custody for inquiry.            

"Whom we have to blame , whom we have chosen our representative , whom we are supporting and where I am living , Am I Indian or Not , Am I having basic rights as per Indian Constitution . Am I respecting all religion , If Yes , Then Why  I am harassed , tortured and denied from my basic rights in Indian Constitution " .  As a citizen of Republic India , I ask all those who are defending Rape acused , if such incident had happened with yours anyone or in a family of upper caste then what you can do or you are not having faith in the report of Crime Branch Investigation team of Jammu and Kashmir Police , will you defend the Rapist at that time . Imagine and awake the inner voice and seek justice for minor Rape Victim Asifa or Once stand at the place where family of Asifa is standing and then decide with themselves what happens and what can be done with Rapist elsewhere belongs from any religion or Community. I imagine that if such incident happened with anyone of acused defenders who have use Tri Colour as Shield , they have to burn this as their is no humanity alvie among them. I would like to ask for Chief Minister Ms Mehbooba Mufti , Is TriColour a shield to defend minor rape victim. 

Being a part of Rape Victim Asifa and seeking justice on humanitarian ground from Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister as a Member of World Aid Organization for Human Rights , I requested Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Ms Mehbooba Mufti that being a lady having prestigious post please do justice in favour of Asifa and hang the acused till death in front of public so as such heinous crimes can marked end otherwise there will no name like humanity in state.

( The author had expressed his personal views as a citizen of Republic India and is seeking justice for minor Rape victim Aisfa)