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Prof. Bhim Singh
(Member, National Integration Council)
(Sr. Advocate, Supreme Court of India)

Chief Patron        : National Panthers Party
Chairman (Hony.)    : The Voice of Millions Publication-India 
Chairman (Hony.)    : Non-Aligned Congress of Youth
            : Afro-Asian Friendship Society
            : Indo Palestine Friendship Society
Legal Advisor        : Indian Council of World Affairs
Exec. Chairman        : State Legal Aid Committee, J&K
MLA (J&K)        : 1977-1982, 1983-1987
MLC            : 2003-2008
Convenor        : Coordination Committee of
              J&K Leaders & Intellectuals

October 06, 2018
New Delhi

Hon’ble Shri Narendra Modi
Prime Minister of India
New Delhi

Sub:- Most important on India’s foreign policy.
Hon’ble Prime Minister, Sir,

          I am writing this letter to Your Excellency with a hope and trust that you may be pleased to consider my request with assurances that India shall lead the world towards international peace and disarmament in the coming future in 21st century. 

1.        Today is the 21st century and there is a cry for war, aggression with arms race all over the world. India in its initial stage initiated a movement for disarmament and global peace. India has the credit to strengthen the Non-Aligned Movement. With friendship and understanding with China, India initiated ‘Panchsheel’ movement in 1954.

2.        With passage of time India was forced to sign some agreements with some foreign countries to raise its weaponry and promote its defense. That did not discourage India to give up its movement for international peace. Non-Aligned was highly acceptable path joined by scores of nations. India did not join any block in the West or in the East. That was the concept of Non-Alignment which could lead the movement for world peace. Indian soldiers participated in the UN missions carried in different parts of the world for the maintenance of peace. I had an opportunity to record opinions of many distinguished persons in the Arab World and Africa. Indian leadership was carrying the banners for international peace whereas Indian soldiers were fighting for the maintenance of peace in different parts of the world where United Nations had intervened.

3.         I had an opportunity to travel all over the world on two-wheels for more than five years (1967-1973) with a mission for world peace carrying India’s Flag flying on two-wheels almost all over the world. I would like to convey to the Prime Minister of India today that I had opportunity to interact with every Prime Minister of India from Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru till this day, Shri Narendra Modi. I strongly feel that India is failing today in its moral duty to carry the flag for international peace and security.

4.        The Prime Minister of India, may agree with me, that the leadership in India today, as it appears, is withdrawing from the platform of Non-Alignment and its commitment to world peace and complete disarmament. I have never heard a word from a political party or from an opposition in the Parliament about India’s role for world peace, security and disarmament.

5.         One wonders what message India has to convey to the war ravaged corners of the world in the East & the West or to the suppressed people of the world on this subject. Where are we, India, in respect of India’s commitment to disarmament? Where are we in respect of our policy of Non-Alignment? Does S-400 satisfy the need of the children begging for a bread in the streets of India’s capital, New Delhi? How many millions of our children are begging  in the streets of New Delhi, Kolkatta, Chennai, Mumbai even in Banaras and Allahabad? I am sure, Mr. Prime Minister, we don’t need Rs.40,000 crores to provide social security with the respect and honour to groom these children of India begging in our streets. Shall the Russian Missile protect/save these children of India from starvation and destruction? I am sure Mr. Prime Minister, that even Rs.1000 crores shall be sufficient to save millions of begging children in our streets. Declaring our commitment to Gandhian peace and philosophy and paying Rs.40,000 crores for Russian S-400 missile do not answer the ‘q’. I love to understand this philosophy and this mission which India’s Prime Minister has launched today.

6.        Your party has been shouting loud with drums sounding in the skies about integration of J&K with Union of India. What happened? BJP has been in power for nearly 15 years. Maharaja of J&K had signed the Instrument of Accession on October 26, 1947 joining the Union of India. What is the reason that the Parliament of India has remained denied of any constitutional power to legislate even in respect of Defence, Foreign Affairs, Communications and Allied Matters till today that the Ruler had acceded in 1947. The BJP leadership which converted its name from Jan Sangh had been shouting loud for decades for one Constitution and one Flag for the whole country from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. I wonder, Mr. Prime Minister, that Govt.of India under your command could not manage to empower the Parliament of India to legislate in respect of above mentioned three subjects even which were included in the Instrument of Accession in 1947 like other 575 rulers had signed. My Constitution in J&K, Mr. Prime Minister, is separate, my Flag is separate and I as an Indian citizen continue to remain denied of the Fundamental Rights incorporated in the Constitution of India. 

7.         Mr. Prime Minister, J&K is the only state which has no Bar Council. Bar Council of India has no access to provide its benefit to the advocates in J&K. Supreme Court of India under the leadership of the then Chief Justice of India Mr. Tirath Singh Thakur had directed Govt. of India to extend the jurisdiction of the Bar Council of India to Jammu and Kashmir. What happened? The BJP had full partnership with the other party in J&K government. What happened?

8.        There is urgent need to review our foreign policy. What our foreign policy was and what is the foreign policy today is very important subject. Half of J&K is under the foreign occupation and the new generation has no idea about it. Palestine was divided and its splinter (Israel) has been recognized as a full-fledged sovereign state. What has happened to Palestine? How many countries have recognized Palestine as sovereign state? The Palestinians are still living as refugees in their own country. What was India’s commitment to the Palestinians from Mahatma Gandhi till BJP came to power in India? This is very important subject that needs to be discussed with the people of India from all walks of life. Alas! the Parliament of India has also failed to play its destined role and Mahatma Gandhi’s declaration that Palestine belongs to the Palestinians in the same way as ‘England belongs to the English and France to the French’ has been forgotten. Today you are also singing praises for Mahatma Gandhi, right to do so. What about his commitment to Palestine?              
9.        Prime Minister, Sir, I would like to make a strong plea to Your Excellency to convene a meeting of the National Integration Council (NIC) so that entire India participates. NIC has not been reconstituted till date since you took over a Prime Minister. Prime Minister, I strongly plead that you should reconstitute the NIC and take effective decisions on the issues being faced by the people in J&K, North-East and even in Gujarat and Punjab. It shall be a unique contribution of the Prime Minister if he dares take such a scientific decision in the national interest to discuss external and internal matters with assurances that India shall lead the world towards international peace, harmony and complete disarmament. India’s philosophy and heritage is stronger than all missiles & weapons lying with the East & the West. India should take the lead with the power and strength of our cultural heritage and peace for the world.   
Kindly consider my views like a philosopher.सत्यमेव जयते!

With regards,
Yours sincerely,
Bhim Singh

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After closing my eyes,

I wished I could see

somewhere, someone

who is made for me.


It happens frequently 

in the glary reel life,

which somewhere originates 

from prosy real life.


I gathered my nerves 

to make it possible.


Being a believer of dreams,

I solved the riddle.


Again, I closed my eyes and

now I can clearly see,

somewhere, someone

who is made for me.

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When a baby girl is born, parent’s expectations are torn.

From the time of her birth, she has just one paisa worth.

But the birth of a baby boy, gives each and every parent joy.

The sorrows of family are drowned, as they got a diamond crown.


After some years, girl plays with a doll,

And the boy has the right to play with a ball,

It is the time where girl is given a broom,

And is the time for the boy to bloom.


Now when both the children are mature,

‘Coz of the girl parents feel insecure.

But the boy can roam anywhere,

‘Coz there is no need for him to fear.


Finally, for the girl’s marriage, a boy is chosen,

Only regarding the girl, questions are arosen.

Some enquire the past and some present,

And the wish of the girl is totally absent.


The boy can get married whenever he likes,

Complete attention is given to his dislikes.

He is given authority to choose his bride,

The parents readily accept and feel pride.


After the marriage, individuality of the girl is lost,

She tries to keep others happy, at any cost.

The boy works hard to run life’s carriage,

But he is still as free as before marriage.


The story doesn’t ends even after having children,

After obeying parents and husband, she obeys her children.

The enslavery of the girl starts from her birth, 

It was, it is and it will continue on this earth.


Respect your daughter’s, wife’s and mother’s feeling,

The society as such will never allow her wound’s healing.

The society’s trends can’t be changed all of a sudden,

Take steps, or a girl will always feel herself to be a