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SRINAGAR: Former Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Nirmal Singh was elected Speaker of the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly on Thursday. Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs Basharat Bukhari moved the motion in the Assembly seeking his election to the post, while Deputy Chief Minister Kavinder Gupta seconded the motion. Dr Nirmal Singh, MLA from Billawar constituency, was elected with a voice vote.  The opposition had nominated Legislator, Usman Majeed as their candidate for the post of Speaker, whose name was proposed by MLA Abdul Majid Bhat (Larmi).


After the election, Dr Singh was taken to the Speaker's chair by Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti, Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs, Basharat Bukhari, Minister for Urban Development, Sat Pal Sharma, Deputy Speaker, Nazir Gurezi, Legislators, Mian Altaf, My Tarigami, Er Abdul Rashid among other members. Addressing the House, Dr Singh urged all the members to cooperate with him in conducting the house in an impartial manner. He said that Jammu and Kashmir full of diversities and at the same time full of challenges as well.


“This House has a greater role to address the diversities and challenges of the State,” he said. “I assure you that I will rise up to the expectations of the members of the house and we will work in close coordination,” he added. Dr Singh complimented the role of the former Speaker and current Deputy Chief Minister, Kavinder Gupta for his unbiased role in the Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly.


Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti felicitated Dr Singh on  being elected Speaker of the House. Meanwhile speaking on the occasion, Minister for Urban Development, Sat Pal Sharma lauded the role of Dr Singh as Deputy Chief Minister. He hoped that Dr Singh would play his role as Speaker with utmost dedication and commitment. Deputy Speaker, Nazir Gurezi extended his best wishes to the new speaker, saying that he is hopeful that Dr Singh would come up to the expectations of representatives of the assembly and would run the affairs of the assembly smoothly.


Gurezi also applauded the contribution of former speaker Kavinder Gupta and said that former speaker also run affairs of the assembly smoothly and his contribution would always be remembered. MLA Kangan Mian Altaf Ahmad hoped that Dr Singh would come up to the expectations of the opposition parties. He assured that his party will extend full support to the speaker in running the house smoothly.


Extending congratulations to new Speaker, Legislator, Rajesh Gupta said that he is hopeful that Dr Singh would perform the new assignment with the same enthusiasm as he performed as deputy Chief Minister of the state. Legislator, MY Yousuf Tarigami, on the occasion said that Dr Singh has a great responsibility to run the assembly smoothly and he is hopeful that he would run the assembly as per rules and regulations. He said that both the ruling and opposition parties would extend his support to speaker maintain the sanctity of the assembly.


Legislator, Engineer Abdul Rashid while congratulating the newly appointed Speaker, Dr Nirmal Singh said that the responsibilities have doubled for Dr Singh with the new assignment. He said that the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly has a special privilege in the county and the members and the Speaker should uphold the sanctity of the House.

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  • Regrets some TV channels using J&K to up their TRPs

JAMMU: Saying that people of the State have been the worst victims of continued violence and uncertainty, Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti today said that dialogue is the best way to resolve issues and end this acrimonious situation. Speaking separately in the two Houses of the State Legislature on the last day of the Budget session, the Chief Minister said the people of Jammu & Kashmir have been caught in the web of violence for the past 30 years or so and it was out of this pain and suffering that they have been demanding dialogue and better relations between India and Pakistan. “For how long shall the people continue to die and for how long shall we be laying wreaths?”, she said in an emotional tone adding that not wars but the reach outs hold the key to peace and friendship.

Referring to recent attack on Sunjwan Army camp and continued shelling on the borders in the State, Mehbooba Mufti said violence and wars in the past have only led to miseries to people and it is the earnest desire of the people of the State to see an end to this so that they can live in an atmosphere of peace and amity. The Chief Minister regretted that some television channels are creating an unnecessary acrimony about the State for increasing their TRPs. “This way they are alienating more the people of the State from the national mainstream”, she said while appealing media to play a positive and constructive role while reporting and discussing developments about the State.

Terming the Legislature as the forum to raise and redress the problems of people, Mehbooba Mufti said opposition has a role to put Government on toes to deliver. She said democracy and dissent are the biggest strengths of the country the reflection of which is being witnessed in the two Houses of the State Legislature. She said it would be a tribute to the people that maximum issues of public importance are raised in the Legislature for redressal.

Mehbooba Mufti praised the Presiding Officers of the two Houses, Chairman, Haji Anayat Ali; Speaker, Kavinder Gupta and Deputy Speaker, Nazir Gurezi for the patience and manner in which they conducted the proceedings of the two Houses. She also praised the members of the two Houses for raising the issues of public importance during the session. The Chief Minister also had a word of praise for the staff of both the Houses and all the related Departments for their dedication to make the session a success.

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JAMMU: Chairman, Legislative Council, Hajji Anyat Ali in exercise of the Powers conferred on him under Rule-16 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Jammu & Kashmir today adjourned the House sine die. In his brief speech, the Chairman expressed gratitude to all the members for conducting the House in a smooth manner. He informed that 403 Starred Questions were received from the members, out of which 356 Questions were taken up. Accordingly 189 Un Starred Questions were received out of which 169 were taken up during the session.  He said that 4 Short Term Questions were received of which 2 were taken up. Likewise 13 Private Members’ Resolutions were received of which 7 were discussed in the House.


He further informed that 27 Resolutions were received, of which 13 were taken up for discussion and two Resolutions were passed. Chairman said that 90 Calling Attention Notices were received, out of which 41 were taken up. He said that under rule 60-A, 4 Resolutions were received out of which Half an Hour discussion were held on one Resolution. He said that under Rule 51-A, 16 Resolutions were received of which 7 were discussed. Hajji Anayat said that 21 Bills were received and accordingly passed by the House.


The Chairman appreciated the Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti, Leader of Upper house, Naeem Akhtar, Council of Ministers and all the members of the House for their timely guidance in running the proceedings of the House.  He also thanked the Chief Secretary, B B Viyas, administration, staff of Council Secretariat including Secretary, print and electronic media, police, security, and others for their cooperation in maintaining the smooth functioning of the House.  


Hajji Anyat praise special thanks for Information Department for their entirely working for dissemination of proceedings of the House to the media in shortest time. Sajjad Ahmad Kichloo in his speech appreciated Chairman for giving ample time to all the members in raising their public interest issues of their respective areas. He also appreciated him for making the proceedings of the House successful. Sajad Kichloo also hailed the efforts of the media both print and electronic for giving wide coverage to the proceedings of the current Budget session.


Ghulam Nabi Monga hailed the Chairman for conducting smooth proceedings of the House and also appreciated for the mail service about the information regarding Business being provided to the members in advance. He also hailed the media persons for providing better coverage during the session. Naresh Kumar Gupta appreciated the efforts of the Chairman and his staff for ensuring smooth running of the house. He also thanked to Doordarshan, Radio and Information Department for their active role in coverage of the budget session 2018-19 and also thanked private media as well.


Ramesh Arora appreciated the Chairman and other members for creating and maintaining the healthy atmosphere of the House and also for maintaining the decorum of the house. He also appreciated the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti for her attending the House. Zaffar Iqbal Manhas also spoke and commended the role of all members for their maintain discipline and to raise public important interest issue in the House cutting a cross of all political differences. He also hailed government for giving 3 percent reservation to the Pahari speaking community.