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SRINAGAR: The 4th Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting of J&K lakes and water ways development authority on preservation of Dal-Nigeen lake concluded today at SKICC. The committee comprised renowned scientists and experts in the fields of ecology, environmental sciences, plant pathology, hydrology and botanical sciences from across the country. Threadbare issues were held on various issues faced by the lake ecology and concrete measures were suggested for arresting further deterioration of lake water and its eco system.


The important decisions taken in the meeting include augmentation of existing artificial wet lands, retention ponds and reinforcement of read belts situated on NFR and peripheries of the lake. The committee also discussed the issue of incorporating of SAC suggestions in the vision document of the lake prepared by IIT Rorkee, feasibility of western foreshore road (WFR), interpretation of water quality analysis data prepared by R&M wing of JKLDA, status paper on azola crestata, autumn de-weeding strategies and removal of lily patches from the Dal water.


The committee directed J&K LDA to carry out an impact analysis of proposed four laning of Boulevard, (elevated express way)), and WFR on the fragile lake ecology which is already facing the worst kind of anthropogenic pressures. The VC JK LDA highlighted the issues faced by the authority and requested SAC members to suggest measures for effective weed management and lily infestation controlled policies.



The chairman SAC while concluding the day long proceedings emphasized the need of cross checking of limnilogical data prepared by LDA scientists and stressed that before making any experimentation at the larger scale, the impact of any such intervention on the aquatic life and lake eco system should be taken into account since there are inalienable social and cultural sensitiveness associated with this world famous water body.