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JAMMU: Inefficiency of Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) to maintain cleanness, hygiene and garbage free locality besides laxity on part of National Buildings Construction Corporation Limited (NBCC) to repair the streets they damaged and uprooted have been causing immense hardships to the residents and school going children of Narayana Mohalla of Kachi Chawani area.

JMC have failed to install the garbage collections containers or dustbins and depute a regular sweeper in the locality especially Govt Quarters which is causing spreading of garbage.

On the other hand NBCC have been delaying the repair work of the street they have damaged and uprooted about a month ago for laying of sewerage pipes. 

Adding more to it JMC has failed to pass on strict instructions to the residents who have pet Dogs and spread their waste on streets by guarding these pets while taking them out for urination and making them attend Nature's call (defecate). 

JMC should come up with clear instructions for those people who tame Dogs as pet animal not to use streets, paths, and parks for making their Dogs urinated and defecate.

It can be seen that this particular locality of the area has been turned into a garbage dumping area which is threatening spread of infectious diseases.

Failure of NBCC to repair the street they have damaged and uprooted is causing problems for the residents.

Relevant to mention here that NBCC was laying of sewerage pipes so the household wastes ultimately reach Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP) in Bhagwati Nagar.

On contacting General Manager NBCC Kashmira Singh told JK Monitor that the concerned official will be instructed immediately to visit the area so the repair work done at the earliest. He further added that at least streets are cleared of dumped material so the residents do not face hardships.

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