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  • Priya Sethi calls for promoting healthy living style, nutritional food habits among children

JAMMU: Minister of State for Education and Tourism, Priya Sethi has called for promoting and reviving the age old traditional living style and food habits among the younger generation to ensure healthy and disease free life. She said majority of younger generation has switched over to western living culture and their food and other living habits are becoming hazardous with the result today’s youth is suffering from  several serious ailments related to their fitness.

Speaking at a programme organized by the Nestlé India in association with Magic Bus India Foundation on the theme of Healthy Kids at KC Residency here today, the Minister said that good health is prerequisite for a long a prosperious life of a human being and every effort must be made to generate greater awareness among younger generation to adopt an healthy and sound living style for a happy and prosperious life. She stressed the need for organizing informative programmes by the NGOs, Health Department and Corporate Sector under social responsibility for the benefits of youth to discourage them from indulging in unhealthy food and living habits.

The objective of the programme was to sensitize the youth and adolescents from various schools in Jammu through detailed interactions and debate with the parents in order to encourage and adopting healthy food and living habits at home. The parents were also counselled to provide nutritional diet to their children so that they can perform well and compete in various fields in life. She emphasized on inculcating the nutritional education in the schools which can create great impact on the minds of students. She urged the parents to encourage their children to enhance thier physical activities like sports, morning walk, yoga to keep physically and mentally fit.

Lauding the Nestlé India and Magic Bus India Foundation for hosting such an informative programme with a special focus on important subject of nutritional education for the youth, Priya maintained that the initiative will go a long way in inspiring the students, youth and parents to change their food and living habits for a healthy life. She called for more such programmes for the benefits of the society. Priya said that health and nutrition play a very significant role in shaping better lives and therefore it is critical to ensure that individuals develop good nutritional habits from the early years of life and guidance from parents is equally important and can do  wonders, she asserted.

She said the problem of malnutrition was not only limited to under privileged sections of the society, but well off people were also facing these issues due to wrong eating habits. Such issues can only be addressed by a massive awareness among and sensitizing the children by their parents and health department. She appreciated the efforts of Magic Bus India Foundation for holding such an informative workshop and hoped that it will go a long way in creating awareness amongst the children to adopt healthy food habits and living style.

Taking a serious notice of drug abuse in the society, the Minister maintained that this biggest social evil is eating the vitals of the society and younger generation is moving towards destruction. She called for collective efforts by various stakeholders of the society to fight against the menace of drug addiction. Speaking on the occasion, Senior Vice President - Corporate Affairs, Nestlé India Sanjay Khajuria said the Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme is designed specifically for government schools & communities with an aim of creating awareness regarding nutrition and healthy living.

The volunteers of Magic Bus India Foundation enthralled the occasion through their performances. CEO Magic Bus, Jayant Rastogi, President Chamber of Traders Federation, Neeraj Anand, concerned Executives from Nestle India, Senior Functionaries of Education Department besides representatives of various schools along with members and volunteer of Magic Bus India Foundation were present during the launch event.