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JAMMU: Cardiac intervention procedures are now regularly being performed even in odd hours in the Heart Care Centre in ASCOMS & Hospital, Sidhra. Recently 82 year old lady from Jammu came in the emergency wing of ASCOMS  Hospital with severe chest pain. The patient was immediately stablised and taken for emergency coronary angiography which revealed severe critical coronary artery heart disease. Emergency primary stenting was done taking all the safety precautions. The procedure was a success and she was discharged in a stable condition. Two other very elderly paptients aged 80+ and 86 years from Udhampur and RS Pura came to emergency wing  of ASCOMS Hospital with recurrent episode of loss of consciousness. The tests revealed weak electrical system of the heart to be the cause.

This required urgent implanation of devices which could assist the weak electrical system of the heart. Both these patients required emergency Temporary Pacemaker Implanation which was followed by Permanent Pacemaker Implanation. The procedures were successfully performed and patients were sent home in satisfactory condition. The pacing was again done in late evening in both cases. The challenging issues in such patients always is advanced age of the patient because the body is very fragile and body system are functioning at  different pace. As we age, our blood vessels become stiffer and when arteries become calcified, making it technically more diffficult to place the stents/ wires and catheters. All this increase risks of complications from these procedures in the very elderly; hence they requiring extreme cautiousness and care while doing the procedure, as if something goes wrong , the patient will not survive. 


 At ASCOMS Hospital Heart Centre, Jammu such challenging cases are being performed successfully without any complication.  The hospital's heart centre provides 24x7 cardiac care to all critical heart patients in addition to all routine cardiac OPD/diagnostic ECG/ECHO/TMT/Holter and Cardiac Cath lab services. The interventional team comprises of Dr. Ashok Bakaya and Dr. Ujjaval Chandra Mehotra; who have years of experience and goodwill among patients. They are senior interventional cardiologists and are well versed in performing difficult cardiac and peripheral intervention including coronary angiography, elective and primary coronary angioplasty/stenting, pacemaker implantations (TPI, PPI, AICD, COMBO DEVICE, CRT-D, CRT-P) congential birth defect (ASD, PDA,VSD, RSOV) device closures, heart valve interventions (PTMC, BMV, BAV, BPV); cardiac catheterisation, peripheral and cartoid angiogram, TEE, IVUS, peripheral interventions (carotid angioplasty, peripheral angioplasty, IVC filter, renal angioplasty, coil embolisation and vascular plug implation) etc. The Heart Care Centre  aims to provide world class trustworthy care to the people of Jammu Kashmir.