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  • "If not abolished,there will be huge surge in life threatening diseases across state"

SRINAGAR: Society of Dental Surgeons ,J&K (SDSJK) has castigated the lacklustre efforts of authorities and Govt. in curbing the widespread life threatening menace in state due to unchecked Dental Quackery and the hazardous effects of this unethical practice thereof. 

In a recent report pertained to Shopian district the authorities have told that dental clinics have been one of the main cause of spread of Hepatitis B & C  infection. 25 cases have been registered upto April 15 this year (three and a half months), while 38 cases of Hepatitis B and C were registered in the district in 2017. Kokernag village which too is witnessing huge surge hepaptitis patients(38% of the population) have the history of visting dental quacks for treatment.Such cluster cases are spread across state. 

The epidemic of life threatening blood borne disease is so worrisome that if this disastrous practice is not abolished,there shall be huge surge in life threatening diseases across state and presently almost all districts are engulfed unfortunately due to absence of regulation illegal Dental Clinics which has led to loss of lives and immense financial burden to the effected families especially the poor one’s.The Dental Quacks have no mandate to behave as doctors and treat patients.They hardly follow sterilization protocols while handling innocent patients and this has been the main cause of spread of infection from one patient to another. 

Dr Imtyaz Banday , President SDSJK has stressed the Govt. authorities & State Dental Council to wake up, exert and seal illegally running dental clinics run by quacks whrein the gullible patients in order to receive treatment acquires life threatening diseases.He also stated that there is immense need to upgrade oral health sector interms of human resource, infrastructure & equipments.