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UDHAMPUR: Doctors of Indian Army located at Samote saved life of a Polling Duty Officer who suffered heart attack while performing polling duties at Samote in Rajouri District on 11 Apr 19. Mohamad Riyaz, 44 year old resident of Naushera, was performing the duty of Polling Officer-1 at Polling Station No 126 at Government Higher Secondary School, Samote on 11 Apr 19. At around 0930hrs, he suddenly collapsed and became unconscious at the Polling Station.

He was brought to Medical Inspection Room of the Army Unit in Samote in an unconscious state by the locals. On receiving information about the patient, Medical Officer of the Army unit in Samote immediately rushed and carried out primary assessment of the patient. Following which, he was diagnosed as a suspected case of Cardiac Arrest. Army Doctor promptly sprung into action and started resuscitative measures for around 10 minutes, after which the patient regained consciousness. Once the patient was conscious, he was instantly administered with life saving Cardiac Drugs along with Oxygen administration. Subsequently, Mohammad Riyaz’s condition improved and his vitals stabilized, following which he was further referred to District Hospital, Rajouri.

The exceptional clinical acumen displayed by the Army Doctor in timely diagnosing and promptly treating of Mr Mohammad Riyaz averted a tragedy and strengthened the faith of Awam in the Indian Army, as an Army of the common people.

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