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SRINAGAR: Governors administration today accorded sanction to the re-constitution of a Departmental Committee to examine the cases of doctors or any officer/official of subordinate office related to the un-authorized absence/over-stay on deputation/study leave cases or any other.

According the order, the sanction has been accorded in supersession of all previous orders issued on the subject. The Committee will be headed by Director Finance, Health and Medical Education Department. The members will be Additional Secretary to the Government, Health and Medical Education Department (dealing with Health Gazetted Section) and Deputy Secretary to the Government, Health and Medical Education department (dealing with HRM section).

The terms of references of the committee shall be to examine cases of doctors or any other officer/official  of subordinate office related to the un-authorized absence/over-stay on deputation/study leave cases or other like cases and to make specific recommendations in such cases as may be referred to it, to take cognizance of difficulties being faced by general public due to authorized/un-authorized absence of doctors/para medical staff etc while making recommendations in any such case, to examine whether all pre-requisite conditions have been fulfilled prior to deciding authorized/un-authorized period of absence, to examine whether concerned Head of Department  has furnished specific proposal/recommendation alongwith documentary evidence, to examine the intent of recommending permission to undergo  higher studies by any doctor/paramedics prior to formal approval/sanction of study leave by the competent authority and a categoric undertaking by such doctor for not claiming particularly study leave later on, if so rejected by the competent authority, to examine all repercussions in allowing doctors to rejoin after unauthorized absence and to discourage such practice by doctors who are habitual, to examine any other fully or partially related case, which may be referred to the Committee by the Department and to submit its recommendations based on proper rationale, reasonable justification and documentary evidence.

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JAMMU: CSIR-Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine organized National Conference cum Industry-Academia Meet on Opportunities and Challenges in Fermentation Based Industrial Processes (IAMF-2018). The event was held at IIIM auditorium and was largely attended by eminent scientists, industrialists, invited dignitaries, guests, delegate and students researchers.  Dr.Vidhya Rangaswami, Vice President, Reliance Industries, Mumbai, the Chief Guest inaugurated by lighting the ceremonial lamp followed by Saraswati Vandana by students of RRL High School.   

Dr. Ram Vishwakarma, Director IIIM, Jammu, while welcoming the Chief guest and delegates said the such types of events are very important  because a lot of applied microbial research is being carried out in the area of biocatalysis, drug development, therapeutic enzymes and peptides, probiotics, nutraceuticals, biofertilizer and biocontrol agents, food and flavours and traditional knowledge based fermented products but due to lack of linkages with Industries these researches do not go forward. He further informed that to overcome these problems, an initiative is being taken by his institute to provide opportunities to researchers in these areas to translate the applied microbial research to the industries. It was also told that this event is one of its kinds in whole Jammu & Kashmir region. 

In this event, oral presentations related to fermentation based industrial processes were discussed during different sessions as most of the sessions as per the thematic areas where researchers can share their thoughts for the development of new &economic products and sessions are aligned in such a way where participants can take gain knowledge from experts of Industries and Academics. An exhibition of IIIM products and recent products of different biotech companies were arranged for the delegates and participants.  This event will also help in evolving new projects or areas where bioresource can be utilized more effectively for the development of new technologies which may be useful to human welfare. 

Dr. Vikas Babu, Organizing Secretary of IAMF-2018 said that this event is supported by DBT, SERB, DRDO, IIIM-TBI, Ministry of AYUSH and partially sponsored by emerging technologies and Solar Industrial Corporation. After inauguration, two sessions were held on first day of Conference. In a plenary lecture Prof. R. K Saxena gave thought provoking talk titled “Where the problem lies?” . 

The Session I was chaired by Vidhya Rangaswami and co-chaired by Prof. R.K Saxena. In this session, key note lecture titled “Process development for the production of various microbial metabolites and use of enzymes and whole cells for the synthesis of chiral drugs and drug intermediates” was given by Prof. U.C Banerjee, NIPER. First lead lecture of the session titled “Challenges in commercial production of biodegradable polymers from renewable resources” was given by Prof. A.K Srivastava, IIT Delhi. Second lead lecture of the session titled “Amidase based biotransformation for synthesis of heterocyclic hydroxamate and hydrazides” was given by Dr. Bijan Choudhury, IIT Roorkee. First invited talk was given by Dr. Swaraj Singh, Losynth Labs Pvt. Ltd. In which he discussed about “White biology and its applications in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry”. His talk was followed by invited talk of Dr. Jasmine Isar, Reliance Industries titled “Microbial Fermentation Strategies and Challenges for Production of Biobutanol and Isoprenoids”. Final invited talk of first session was given by Mr. Shabeer Ahmed, GloBiL'S, Agri and Food Enterprises whose title was “Utilization of Fermentation Technologies for BioEconomy in Jammu and Kashmir.” 

The  Session II was chaired by Prof. AK Srivastava and co-chaired by Dr. Bijan Choudhury and Dr. Jasmine Isar. Key note lecture titled “Molecular surgery for developing therapeutic drug from natural alkaloid” was presented by Prof. B.K Behra, Sanmar Speciality Chemicals Ltd., Chennai. Lead lecture of session II titled “Ocean bio resources identified by CSIR-NIO to scale up with industrial partners” was presented by Dr. C. Mohandass, CSIR-NIO Goa. In first invited talk of the session II, Dr. Mukul Bajpai, Microlabs Pvt. Ltd. discussed about “Aspects of Green Chemistry in Commercialization of Active pharmaceutical ingredients”. Second invited talk of the session II titled “Nutraceuticals: In the management & prevention of diseases” was presented by Dr. Manpreet Singh, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. In third invited talk of session II Mr. Arjun Arora, Chankya Pharma. Ltd. apprised audience about “Indian market of serratiopeptidase and thiocolchicoside”. 

A special session on discussion with Industries was conducted in the evening which was chaired by Dr. Asha Chaubey and co-chaired by Dr. Saurabh Saran & Dr. Vikash Babu. Mr. Jayraj Doshi & Mr. G.M Bhogle, Zytex Biotech Ltd., Dr. Mitesh Patel, Sumar Biotech LLP, Dr. Jayesh Ahire, Unique Biotech Ltd., Ms. Femida Patel, Pushpajshah Ltd., Dr. Pinakeen Patel, Bills Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Dr.Rajib Lochan Dey, Genei Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. and Dr. Mukesh Patel, Agriland Biotech Ltd. participated in this session. 

In a panel discussion with industries chaired by Dr. Ram A. Vishwakarma, Director, IIIM, intense discussion was conducted on opportunities and Challenges in Fermentation Based Industrial Processes. 

In a session on Young Scientist Presentations, 27 young scientists from across the India presented their work before the audience. 

Prof R K Saxena, former Head, Department of Microbiology, University of Delhi, Prof U C Banerjee, Head, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, and Incharge Biotechnology, NIPER, Mohali Punjab and Prof Bijan Chaudhary, Department of Biotechnology, IIT Rookree were among other prominent scientists, academicians and industrialists who attended this Conference. 



Late in the evening, a colourful cultural programme , "Celebrating diversity, a programme of the dances of Jammu & Kashmir" was also presented by Natrang Theatre group which mesmerized the audience

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SRINAGAR: At least 150 cases of Hepatitis C have been reported from Walarhama, Phalgham village of South Kashmir’s Anantnag District. Sources told PTK that at least 150 people were tested positive and 1673 were screening in Last 2 Weeks in Walarhama village of Pahalgam. Mohammad Sadaq, a local resident told the PTK," Earlier Health Authorities Informed us Through Loudspeaker and Said Viral Disease had engulfed in Walarhama village. They advised people to do tests and ". They said that the tests were carried through “card method.