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JAMMU: Though it is a tough job to be student and at the same belonging to an industry to which every girl is passionate about being among the top, but for Anjum Poonawala everything goes with ease and the hard work guides her to the success one after the other step.

Anjum Poonawala’s views about modelling industry is that is not only luck factor or hard work but networking and connection plays an important role. She believes that if one is highly influential person he or she gets modelling assignments, which is not too hard. Being a student of Management, Anjum Poonawala has worked with top brands and top designers of the industry. She was an Airtel Grid Girl model in the year 2011.

Anjum Poonawala has also worked with brands like Shoppers Stop, Bawree Sarees in association with an agency, walked a ramp for a very popular fashion institute, worked for a print campaign, catalogues for a boutique, website covering for Lakme Designer. 

She also auditioned for Lakme fashion week this season in July 2016. She summed up her experience as “every time it is not a cupcake for you and I will keep trying till I am through, sometimes the struggle has to be deep and even if your hope is shaken by your loss just be satisfied and remember God and that God's immense grace on you that He will work somewhere, may be better plans in store for you and that loosing will be just a phase. Make it a proud moment that at-least you got a chance to participate which will keep you focused and will never let you loose hope and that your participation is important too”.

She told JK Monitor that her journey was not very fast but was smooth; she further added that got an opportunity to stand as an Airtel Grid Girl model for an International Buddh race held in Noida.  Her advice for every girl passionate about chasing dreams in modelling industry is to have very good self control.  She further said that passionate girls need to choose assignment not only as per their requirement but even as per their visibility which will show your own character portray in media.

Anjum Poonawala further added that the only thing she kept getting assignment is she accepts all the opportunities coming her way with lot of conviction without making much of a fuss which every Indian model gets into.  She explained that the Indian models have tendency to make fuss about the whole show that run's in and around them so be it make up, hair, styling, clothes, designers (appearance given to you by them), other co-models and so forth. 

She believes that the people working with a Model needs less of a tantrum and more of a work for their investment (time and money) and Model have to go with what investors actually would like to see in you.  “They would never risk their profile by hiring you and getting you things that every Indian model feels will not suit them”, she said.

For Anjum Poonawala, her journey has been quite worthwhile for she was fortunate to get associated with big and renowned brands and designers as a beginner.  She said that models need a good positive attitude and ability to network, to get stable in the industry. That is how she survived with her links and connects. Anjum Poonawala hoped that her journey continues with lot of good work showcasing her talent and ability to project as a style statement for her people.

Born and brought up in a family with moderate values in Mumbai, her father happens to be a Real Estate Consultant and mother a homemaker.  Anjum said that her parents never had an issue but in the beginning when she brought up her passion in front of them and as her own choice they had some disagreements but all she could convey was that it was her passion and not her profession, an experience she should learn. 

She disclosed that her parents never had a great concern but also there had been no support, no encouragement.  Anjum divulge, “When it goes like all you need to do it alone struggle seems to be bit more but my desire was so strong that I was happy to use my effort and make it through the real.  It is all fine when one morning they woke up seeing my picture in Times of India newspaper. My mother was so happy to see me there and there you realise you crossed one level and all charged to go to the next for that very smile on my people's face will show I achieved my bit”.  

Anjum completed her Management from Rizvi Academy of Management Studies where Director was of a great inspiration. “Before stepping into modelling world nothing was pre decided but what actually enhanced my arena was the confidence that was build up during my management days. I feel, along with passion one needs to complete education to lift up confidence so much that grooming outer side is not enough but one need a strong polishing within. The inner self needs to be self motivated and guarded that even if one experience loss can strongly look up in times where you see your lows”.  

“I do not carry any support but my own individual support alone. No friends, who would see and hear my success stories, be proud, cheer me, encourage me to do better and more”.  “Loosing for me is a game of fortune, for I loose once but I gain double of it, is what my potential as a dreamer. Making my dream into reality is what I believe and it happens only when you are happy to accept even your small success and acknowledge it. I have always been same I am so happy to see and receive my littlest of success because I did it my way and not working through anyone else’s principles”.   

“You do have idols, you do have people you see and want to become like them but for me I don’t have any particular person for me. I don’t want to live their life, learn from their stories and make a change yet having own identity and style of living that people would see all together different individual in you and learning from you just the way you did because I see everyone has different experiences and different destinations”, she concluded.