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THATHRI/JAMMU: Education Zone Thathri of Doda district which comes under the control of Zonal Educational Officer (ZEO) Thathri has once again invited the attention of authorities and public for its anti students approach. The academic session is about to end but the authorities at Zonal Educational Office (ZEO) Thathri have failed to provide uniform to students studying in the Govt Schools, thus denying them of their right to free uniform. 

Relevant to mention here that it’s a Govt policy to provide free uniform to the students of the Govt Schools. Talking to JK Monitor, ReT teachers’ senior leader of the Zone, Zakir Butt disclosed that funds have already been provided and transferred to the ZEOs accounts and with the start of academic session it was expected that students would get the uniforms during the month of March. 

Now the academic session is nearing completion but the concerned authorities in the Zone have failed to provide the uniform to the students.  The examination have commenced from October 15, and the students of class 5th of Primary Schools and 8th of Middle Schools of the Zone will have to take admissions in other schools for upper classes but they have been denied of their right to free uniform by the authorities at Zonal level. 

It will be worth pointing out here that if the funds for the same have already been provided and deposited in the ZEO’s account than why the students have been denied of their right to free uniform and where the amount meant for students welfare has gone.

This clearly indicates that the Office of the ZEO Thathri become a den of corruption which is being patronage by the superiors and the district level. The office has become free to do at will throwing all set norms, guidelines and rules to winds. The silence of the immediate higher authorities at the district level to make this office accountable and corruption free has raised many questions and gives rise to suspect their involvement too.

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