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JAMMU: With the onset of winter the migratory birds from Central Asian highlands start congregating at various wetlands in India. At least 370 migratory bird species including 310 water bird species throng various sites in India during winters. Gharana Wetland Conservation  Reserve in RS Pura sector also attracts hundreds of migratory birds  every winter including the bar–headed goose– a bird of unique high altitude migration that fly over high passes of Himalaya, even Mt. Everest , during their sojourn.

It is delight for every visitor to watch bird species like bar-headed geese, gadwalls, common teals, Purple swamp hens, Indian moor hens, black-winged stilts, cormorants, egrets, green shanks and many other species at Gharana. As different bird species have started thronging Gharana and adjoining wetlands, the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (PCCF) J&K /Chief Wildlife Warden Suresh Chugh visited Gharana to take stock of the preparedness and measures being taken for safe stay of the migratory birds during the winter season and bring further improvement for conservation of the wetland.

The Regional Wildlife Warden Jammu Tahir Shawl apprised the PCCF about the detail of migratory bird species that have arrived at Gharana and the measure being taken by the department to make the habitat more suitable through scientific management interventions like selective removal of weed, monitoring of birds and watch and ward for averting any hunting or poaching attempt.

He further apprised the officials about management plan of Gharana wetland prepared by the department which is being finalised shortly. The Wildlife Warden Jammu Ch. Shehzad informed about the adequate availability of binoculars, spotting scopes for bird watching at Gharana. He further highlighted that Gharana located along the Central Asian Flyway is a notified wetland conservation reserve under the Jammu & Kashmir Wildlife Protection Act 1978, and also has international recognition as one of the IBAs (Important Bird Areas) in the world, declared by Birdlife International (UK) and BNHS.

The PCCF divulged that research studies on bird migration using satellite telemeters, bird ringing and collaring etc have been conducted at Gharana by the Wildlife Protection Department and further research programmes to continue such studies are being contemplated by the department. It was given out that around 408 kanals of water body has been delineated with poles as per the directions of the High Court while acquisition for private land is in progress. The PCCF/Chief wildlife Warden was accompanied by Ramesh Kumar, CCF Projects and planning and other officers of the Forest Department.

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JAMMU: Dear customers especially those who prefer online shopping, a detailed story is coming up about Freesoo Karolbagh,  Gizmoo Technologies Karolbagh, Pasfar Technologies Pvt Ltd Bengaluru and others who deal in online selling and facilitate this business, to cheat the customers.

Beware of becoming a Victim of any Cyber Fraud via Online Shopping. Shopping has become hassle free experience with the advent of online shopping stores. As customer’s purchasing habit from online shopping stores is increasing,many online frauds are also trying to leverage this benefit. They are trying to foolshoppers through scams, fake discounts, auction fraudulent and other payment fraudulent. Need of the hour is customer should be extra careful and should take necessary steps to avoid these frauds and thereby, safeguard the online shopping phenomenon.

Some of the important precaution which a shopper must keep in mind while doing online shopping. Choosing Right Online shop: Choosing right vendor is first and foremost important step in safe and secured online shopping stores, for that you must do an online research, study vendor’s website, reviews, terms & conditions.

Authentic online retailers have toll free phone number for customer service;try contacting them if you are making your first purchase with them. The internet connection which is being used by you must be a secure one. As far as possible, use your personal computer and internet.

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NEW DELHI: SaMaPa (Sopori Academy of Music And Performing Arts), the renowned music academy of music legend Pandit Bhajan Sopori and music maestro Abhay Rustum Sopori, today announced the names of the recipients of this year’s prestigious SaMaPa awards, the exclusive national level honours pertaining to Jammu & Kashmir. The awards ceremony will be held as part of the 14th edition of SaMaPa Sangeet Sammelan, the topmost classical music festivals of Delhi from 21st to 25th of November 2018 at Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi being presented in collaboration with Incredible India, Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India, IFFCO & JK Bank. The festival will also feature the Annual Painting Exhibition by the artists of Jammu and Kashmir in collab. with J&K Academy of Art, Culture & Languages.   

SaMaPa is a cultural movement translating from a deep-rooted vision of the great music legend Pandit Bhajan Sopori in creating a unique, unbiased and empowering national level platform for presentation, propagation, and teaching of traditional music and performing arts. SaMaPa is acclaimed as the Cultural Bridge of the State of Jammu & Kashmir with the rest of the country and to have created a new generation of musicians & music connoisseurs.   

Maestro Abhay Rustum Sopori congratulated all the awardees while announcing the list. ‘SaMaPa Vitasta Samman’ is being conferred upon the veteran Tabla maestro Pt. Kumar Bose (Kolkata) for his lifetime contribution to Hindustani classical music. The Award carries cash honour of Rs. 50,000 and is given to prominent personalities who have been an asset to our country in the field of art and culture for their unparalleled contribution to Indian art and heritage. ‘SaMaPa Kala Vardhan Samman’ is being conferred upon Gandharva Mahavidyalaya (Delhi), a prominent classical music & dance institute for its immense contribution to the field of Indian classical music & dance. 

The Award will be presented to its Principal Pt. Madhup Mudgal, who will be felicitated for his contribution to Indian music. ‘SaMaPa Nund Rishi Samman’ is being conferred upon Shri Romalo Ram from J&K for his contribution to Dogri folk music. The Samman carries cash award of Rs. 11,000 and has been named after Sheikh-Ul-Alam, the great Sufi Saint of Kashmir. ‘SaMaPa Acharya Abhinavgupt Samman’ is being conferred upon Dr. Agnishekhar (J&K) for his contribution to the field of Literature & culture of J&K. Dr. Madhu Rani Shukla from Allahabad is also being awarded for her contribution to Indian classical music as a writer and musicologist.

The Samman carries cash award of Rs. 11,000 and has been instituted in the name of Acharya Abhinavgupt of 10th century from Kashmir who has been an unmatched thinker, aesthetician, philosopher and an unparallel commentator of Bharatmuni’s ‘Natyashastra’. ‘SaMaPa Sangeet Tejasvi Samman’, an award given to those individuals who have contributed significantly at national and international level and are promising legends in making of Indian music, will be given to 4 musicians namely renowned Sitar player Sh. Zunain Halim Khan (Mumbai) and vocalists Sh. Jayateerth Mevundi (Dharwad), Sh. Shrinivas Joshi (Pune) and Dr. Sangita Gosain (Odisha). The Samman carries cash award of Rs. 21,000. ‘SaMaPa Yuva Ratan Samman’ is being conferred upon young Tabla player Sh. Shubh Maharaj (Delhi) in recognition of his conspicuous talent and achievements. The Samman carries cash award of Rs. 11,000 and has been instituted to recognize, encourage and felicitate the young generation artists of the country who are doing exceptionally well in their respective fields.