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SRINAGAR: The valley of Kashmir is facing the turmoil since 1947  and conditions were not  favourable for conductance of the business in the conflict ridden zone. But now ,times are changing so are the opportunities in the valley of Kashmir. Despite  living in confict zone,  two young entrepreneurs Raqib and Mahreen Balkhi  are pursuing their dream and making their business a success amidst the all odds just like a ship stuck amid tempest and surviving the brunt and reaching the destiny with pride. 

Mahreen Balkhi  .a young emerging girl entrepreneur  and the owner of the "Flex passion " an online based business website,  providing the multi branded clothes and accessories for men, women and children said  "it was my passion to become a businesswomen and a female entrepreneur. During my childhood I  used to visit the  shop of my uncle in Soura and learnt the basics of the business from there . And after completion of graduation I started my online business through the social media websites like Facebook Instagram ,  the struggle to establish my business was not easy especially  being a   girl  ,I battled with the hurdles and my family fully acted as the backbone for me ,they supported me and encouraged me time to time  , but  after the success  in my business I launched my own website  and now I am going to launch a full fledged app of Flex passion soon

"The mentality  of the people is changing positively in recent times  as more girls are coming and making their career in business sector , my message to willing  entrepreneur girls  is to shed negativity and make their ideas to blossom. Another young entrepreneurs and a college student Rakib Ahmad from the Srinagar outskirts talking to KNB said " I started my online custom printing business initiative under  " Custom : The store"  in 2018 and is successfully conducting the business by providing goods in shape and prints as ordered by the  customers  and I am getting the positive   response  from the people especially the youth. 

"He further said youth of Kashmir are talented and are successful scientists ,doctors ,entrepreneurs ... and are achieving the heights   ,they are focused on their goals instead of making excuses of the present situation  in Kashmir. " My message to the readers especially the youth is that there is scoop in entrepreneurship and one should come in field and work hard on their idea and devolope as a business instead of making curse of situation   If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse. 

The entrepreneurship lies in converting the unfavourable conditions to your advantage.the worth of making ones business va successful in harsh conditions needs a strategic planning and coping with every problem creating the hurdle in pursuing dream. These young entrepreneurs proved through  will ,grit,desire  innovationand creativity anyone can become a success in business irrespective of situation ,age and class and nothing should be used as an excuse for not pursuing the big  dream.

From these budding entrepreneurs we can see that how old or young we are the entrepreneurship can be achieved ,the need is to get our idea to blossom with the support of the guardian, parents, near and dear ones. However, in 2016 turmoil, most of bussiness establishment remained closed and but now a new faces are coming forward in the online bussiness as well as offline bussiness and making their place in achievers.  

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JAMMU: Kahkeshan Shanaz , a student of Jammu university has qualified the National Eligibility Test (NET) in Sociology. Shanaz, daughter of Shanaz Iqbal and Maqsudha Akther of Udhampur scored 180 marks out of 300 with 60 percent and declared qualified the National Eligibility Test (NET)- the result of which was declared by University Grants Commission (UGC) recently. Earlier, she cleared SET conducted by state government.

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GANDERBAL: A specially abled student from Ganderbal District of Central Kashmir qualified the recent NET and JRF despite the hardships and physical hindrances, making the inspiration for the others to achieve the goal despite the unfavorable situations in life. The story is about a student from central Kashmir Ganderbal district .The said student requested for anonymity to disclose his name.

While narrating the hardships of his life he talk with Kashmir News Bureau team:  "Life has been a very tough lesson for every one of us, it teach us how to struggle, how to survive and finally how to achieve. It comes with happiness and sorrow. Someone thanks for the former while other curses himself for the latter. But life carries both for every creature on the earth,at the right time and right place."

"Yesterday it was my turn, when I heard about my NET Result. I was happy to see that I have qualified for JRF (junior research fellow). What is worth mentioning here is that my total score was 63.33 which was exactly the cut-off for JRF in OM category and that made me more delighted as I belongs to a PC (physically challenged) student category. I started counting myself in UNRESERVED quota. But behind this achievement lies a lot of sacrifices and hardships which I am accustomed of irrespective of any task. I studied hard for my exams. It was my 3rd attempt and I always believed that I have to make it this time at any cost. My preparation span extended upto 2 and a half months during this period I was consistent  and committed towards my goal.

I also qualified JKSET in my first attempt in 2018, for which I received appreciation from my family and friends. I completed my higher education from Nigeen higher secondary school. Later I joined Gandhi Memorial College from where I completed my B.A. In 2014 I got selected for M.A political science in Kashmir University."

"My family has been very supportive to me throughout my life. My brother acted as the foundational stone of my academic career, he was always there with a helping hand. Almost for every exam he was there to pick and drop me. I remember the time when i was in  class 12th attending my annual examination, it was a math paper and my brother was busy at home with some paper work.

As he saw me getting ready for exams he skipped his work and got ready to take me for exams. In between the paper time  the invigilator saw a man in park with some papers in hand which was the pending work my brother left at home, apprehending that he might be translating someone inside the examination hall he went towards him to inquire about his presence in park. When my brother narrated him the whole story of his presence in the park. The invigilator was very happy and came back to me and said "is that person sitting in park your brother" I said yes.He then replied "You are very lucky to have brother like him you should be thankful to him through all your life"

"My friends always lend their shoulders whenever I need them. I spent time with them and we always have a lot of fun. I never lose any opportunity to join their company. They too had a big contribution towards my academic life. They were always available to facilitate books and notes for me.

My educational life was very tough, right from schooling days I had to struggle a lot for what was an ordinary task for other students. I was not so regular to school, college or university owing to lack of physical access but I managed my self-studies at home. University classes were of regular mode and those years were crucial for me. But it is rightly said that 'When you go in search of honey you must expect to be stung by bees' .I am a great believer of time and most importantly what it taught me is that, I have to do it of my own, for there would not always be others to help me out."

"At last my simple message for viewers is never lose hope,life brings laurels to everyone. I strongly believe in the dictum that 'success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life. It’s about what you inspire others to do.”