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MUMBAI: LIKE, a popular social video platform that had a successful Diwali campaign recently, just concluded its “LIKE Star of the Year India” contest for its Indian users. Anushka Sen who has been a sensation on the platform, won the title backed by her enormous fan following.

The successfully concluded contest divided into two phases included a preliminary round, which took place from December 13– 18 2018, where LIKE nominated 30 potential talents based upon their platform engagements. Basis users’ votes, top 3 talents advanced to the final round alongside 3 other Stars who were directly nominated by LIKE based on their stellar performance on the app through 2018. In the final round, all 6 finalists were to create a Hashtag topic and on receiving maximum engagement on her hashtag (#LIKEStarAnushka), Anusha Sen emerged as the winner of the contest with more than 6,147,000 likes on her videos.

Anushka Sen, is a 16-year-old Indian actress is known for her work in various Indian television shows. She made her on-screen acting debut with the television serial ‘Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli’ back in 2009 and became a household name with her role as ‘Meher’ in the TV serial “Baal Veer” in 2012. She has also appeared in several TV ads and made her movie debut in 2015 with the film “Crazy Cukkad Family”. With a movie poster release in Cannes earlier this year, Lihaaf is her next amongst the others set to release in 2019.

A trained dancer from the Shaimak Davar Dance Academy, Anushka has also anchored numerous events. Anushka has been using the LIKE app since August 2018 posting innovative and fun videos. Anushka has been an active video curator on the LIKE App and has an enormous fan base of 4.8 million followers.

With an intent to engage and allow users to showcase their creative side, LIKE App launched the ‘LIKE Star of the Year India’ Contest. Considering this platform is a hit amongst teenagers, LIKE App aims to give youngsters a platform to express themselves and create short-format video clips to gain following and build a community for themselves. LIKE App’s special features allow users to share unique videos using special effects to make their videos more entertaining.

About LIKE App            

LIKE App is a leading social video platform created by BIGO Technology PTE. LTD., a developer of video editing, video broadcast and VoIP-related products used around the world.

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JAMMU: Written by Dr. Arun Kumar, an IAS officer of 1979 batch of the J&K Cadre, a novel imagining a scenario when Kashmir becomes FREE has just hit the market. The story, the author says, has been whirring around his mind for almost 40 years. The story of what will happen if the mobs on the roads of Kashmir could achieve what they have been shouting for — Azaadi?

Now everyone knows that no amount of stone throwing or causing mayhem on the streets of Srinagar can help achieve that. Nor can any amount of military action including nuclear sabre rattling by Pakistan make that “pipe dream” come true. But what if India on its own walks out of Kashmir and makes Kashmir FREE? Now, why should that happen? And what will then happen to the regions of Jammu and Ladakh? 

Spread over 48 chapters, KASHMIR IS FREE is that, what-if peep, in to a not-too-distant fictional future when Kashmir attains freedom from India. As is apparent from its first chapter, which is printed elsewhere in this paper, this is an astoundingly realistic politico-bureaucratic thriller that will grip you by the throat and shake you to the core when you finish its 70,000-words of pure adrenaline rush. Where after you may like to join the author with a prayer that such a scenario NEVER comes true.

As an ex-J&K hand, who has served the nooks and crannies of J&K for over 37 years, author Arun Kumar believes he’s more than qualified to do justice to this thrilling plot. As Chief Executive Officer for over six years from May 2002 to June 2008, readers may recall Dr Kumar’s outstanding contribution to professionalizing and modernizing the two world famous Shrine Boards viz Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board (SMVDSB) and Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board (SASB).  He is the one who introduced helicopter services for both these shrines and electric buses for Vaishno Devi.

The book is co-authored by Prasenjeet Kumar, who is the author/co-author of over 27 books and whose books (57 titles so far) translated into French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese sell in over 50 countries. The book is available world-wide in both print and eBook version from online retailers like Amazon. The hardcover edition in India has been published by Manas Publications, and can be ordered through any bookseller in India, or through Amazon or Flipkart.

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  • Makes it to top silver screens in London, Pennsylvania, Germany, Arizona, Colorado

COLORADO (USA): It’s raining biopic in the international documentary films world and one such powerful “Positive Story” from Jammu and Kashmir is inspiring the world. There is an increase in the Bollywood films being made on real-life characters hitting the screens and doing tremendously well and so are the documentaries on the lives of real people who are the real heroes and are doing their best to contribute to the growth of India. Many Bollywood movies have been made on real life heroes including Chak De India, Bhag Milkha Bhag, Paan Singh Tomar, Sachin, Neerja, Dangal etc.

The documentary makers of “The Call of Pashmina” the life and work of Babar Afzal, have combined the passion and dedication that Babar has towards understanding the ground realities of the Authentic Pashmina Eco System of India, and how he wants to expose the realities of the lives of the people including shepherds, weavers, craftsmen and women to the world and then how he charts out a brilliant career path around solving a problem that has one million people directly and indirectly linked to the industry eco system. His work and life’s journey has become an inspiration for millions of youngsters and budding entrepreneurs globally. His work and approach is gaining momentum across the sustainable fashion and sustainable luxury industries across the world. 

Babar is a “Silent Runner” and has built a beautiful case of Authentic Pashmina Industry of J&K, globally and continues to do that with his  powerful work, living the life and highlighting the lives of nomads, shepherds, weavers, craftsmen and women. "Documentaries are an interesting medium to share one's story with the world. I'm both excited and nervous to see my story being picked up my international directors and being officially selected to be unfolding on the screens internationally in London, Pennsylvania, Germany, Arizona, Colorado, Delhi etc.

I have full confidence on the makers of the documentary and I'm sure they have presented the problems that the eco system is facing and also inspire the youth around the world to look at real life problems that desperately need solutions," said Babar Afzal. "Recognition at any level is a big responsibility and it has always forced me to work harder, reject my own ideas of yesterday, learn and upgrade my skills and look at the problem in a more holistic manner. As Lalleshweri, the mystic of Kashmir said that, truth does not come to you by reading word," Babar added. Babar is from Jammu & Kashmir and was moved to leave his corporate life when he read the news of 25,000 pashmina goats that died of starvation in Himalayas.

That moment changed his life completely and turned him into a Pashmina Artist, Activist and a Shepherd who is now advocating for this community around the world and sensitizing the global audience about the eco-system. Babar’s journey is unique in many ways as he is exploring all possible mediums to understand and then address the problems that the eco-system is facing. “I had no background in Pashmina other than my family and friends being heavily into Kashmir Handicrafts Manufacturing and Exports who had been tuned to looking at everything through the lens of commerce. 

But no one I knew was sensitive towards the big picture. In the past few years, I have been named as an outsider, a paratrooper in the Pashmina industry, a useless artist, a man with no focus as I never got spoke about commerce of Pashmina. I did not realize that what I was doing was making many people in the industry, mostly in controlling positions insecure. But, with all the discouragement, my resolve to not only understand the problem solidified, but also pushed me to go deeper. I am happy that many of my ideas to solve the crisis of the Pashmina Eco System failed initially, as all those were stepping stones to go to the next level of exploration for me. If you ask me what have I achieved so far ? I will say I have just begun and I am happy today that the Pashmina buyers have started to ask tough questions to the sellers, which is a good beginning from my point of view.”

The man from Jammu and Kashmir, said he was initially skeptical of his life being turned into a documentary but decided to look at the larger picture and gave his okay to the shoot. Babar has become customary with positive and negatives of getting attention. An ex McKinsey Analyst and a Silicon Valley professional, an author and the founder of Pashmina Goat Project who dropped out of his technology and corporate career and chose to become a shepherd in the Indian Himalayas has an undying passion and a rock solid resolve as a Pashmina expert to change the future of many people who are linked to the authentic Pashmina Eco System of India.

His work has received appreciation and support from the former Presidents of India, Vice President of India and has many awards to his name for his work which include the Dr B R Ambedkar Award, Shri. Rabindranath Tagore Award, Shri. Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award, Bharat Gaurav Award, Karmaveer Chakra (instituted with United Nations). He has also received the Sion of Magna Marter Medallion of Honor, Honouris Causa Peace and Humanity, International Peace Governor by WPDO and is also a WIRED Innovation Fellow UK, REX Global Fellow, Six times TEDx Speaker, WIRED Speaker, TED Residency Finalist NY. He has authored a book “6 TIMES Thinner, the Call of Pashmina” where he shares the wisdom of shepherds, which he believes are the lessons he received while he was living with them. These lessons are the key to problem solving in the 21st century he says. He was also invited by the British Parliament recently to speak at the House of Commons to share his life and work and build a case for Authentic Pashmina of India. 

Babar, has a very strong background in technology, creative arts and business consulting and now add to that his experience of many years as a real life shepherd, Pashmina weaver and a craftsman himself, it presents a very powerful case globally to lead this industry into the next stage of evolution. Babar beautifully expresses his authority on the subject by explaining the complexity of the eco system and the overlap of multiple issues like Women Justice, Equal Rights, Climate Change, Conflict, Poverty, Fast Fashion, Technology, Comparitive Business Models, Material Complexity, Ecology, Environment, Fashion, Craft Innovation, Authentic Luxury and Mindsets. He is also the founder of the new art form (recognized by JKAACL) which he has created to start conversations around the Pashmina Goat, Authentic Pashmina Craft, Climate Change and such complex issues. He believes Art is a powerful tool and art without a reason is purposeless.

He has rightfully been named as the most credible man on Pashmina in the world by many. Babar’s work has been profiled by BBC, CNN, Bloomberg, Nasdaq, YourStory, Times of India, ABP News, Outlook, Hindustan Times and many top media platforms of the world including the TIME Magazine that profiled Babar Afzal in it’s “Genius Issue” and shared his work with it’s readers around the world. The Call of Pashmina, made by Emaho Films and sponsored by Jnana Foundation is a compilation of work and mission of Babar Afzal that has made it into the top international documentary film festivals of the world through official selections and has won multiple international awards. It would be screening at Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival, Arizona  (US) and is also running for 2018 DCFS Audience Award there, Colorado Environmental Film Festival, Quotes from the Earth - An Environmental Film Festival (Delhi), Greenmotions Film Festival (Germany), British Documentary Film Festival Leicester Square (London), Directors Circle Festival of Shorts, Erie, (Pennsylvania),  Woodpecker International Film Festival (Delhi).