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JAMMU: Manoranjan Kala Kendra (MKK), Jammu presented on Sunday the successful staging of the Punjabi Play “Sach Ki Hai?” written by Harsaran Singh and directed by Tejinder Singh Premee . On this auspicious moment, Dr. Arvinder Singh Amn, Additional Secretary, J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages, was the chief guest. Other guests of honour included Dr. Renu Bhagat, Superintendent, Dental Hospital, Jammu, Dr. Baljit Kaur, Head of Punjabi Department, Jammu University of Jammu, Dr. Taran Singh, Superintendent, Ayurvedic Hospital, Jammu and Dy.SP, Rashi Thakur.

The play focused on women, depicts the story of various problems being faced by a woman. In each and every region of the society, men want women to sacrifice and as it evident that till now, women did the same, sacrificed her each and every desire and wish, only for the sake of men dominating society. However, in this play, the protagonist in female lead, who is wife of a professor, does not want to give up her desires.

In our society, it’s a serious issue that if after few years of marriage, a woman does not give birth to a child, men start thinking of having second wife or make a mind to go for surrogacy. He does this only to have a heir for his family who can bring forward the family name as well as take care of their wealth. But on contrary to this, if a man who is not able to produce child, then instead of above options family decide to adopt child. Similarly in this play the husband of the female lead protagonist is not able to produce child and his wife does not want to adopt child. In fact she wants to give birth to a child from her womb. If a men can remarriage or have a physical relationship in such condition then why not women? Why she has to choke the neck of her desires and feelings of giving birth to her child?

This play goes forward by evolving such questions and ultimately leads the husband of the female lead protagonist, to yield against the will of his wife to bear a child in her womb and to have a feel of the same. At the end of the play, the chief guest and other guests of honour applauded the staging of the play as well as the story and acting of the actors who displayed various characters at the stage and backstage.

Earlier, the director of play and Secretary, Manoranjan Kala Kendra welcomed the guests. He gave a special mention of J&K Academy of Art, Culture & Languages for their financial support as well as motivation. He also thanked electronic and print media for carrying the message to the masses. A word of appreciation was extended to Sardar Harbans Singh (Ex. Minister) for providing hall during rehearsals.

The actors who acted in the play, included Sharnam Sharma, Shilpa Rattan, Aparna Sharma and Shubham Sahni. Backstage actors ncluded Ajay Sharma on Lights, Lokesh and Tara Chand on Sound, Paramjeet and Shubam on Music, Balwinder Kaur on Costumes, Sohan Verma, Ramesh Sharma and Makhan Lal Sharma on Sets, Dr. Ashok on Photography, Daali Khanna on Make- up and Virji Sumbly on Set Design.