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JAMMU: Fashion-A distinctive & often constant trend in the style in which a person dresses. It is the prevailing styles in behavior & newest creation of designers. In view of above IIFT-Jammu centre came up with their Annual Exhibition”PSYCHOTROPICAL”the trend that follows you, An emerging  trend for 2017-2018 that is a subset of the psychedelic movement. The Exhibition got inaugurated by cutting of ribbon followed by lightning of lamp by Smt.Bharti Vaid Chairperson Police Welfare Association. Students brought forward the  heme”PSYCHOTROPICAL”inspired from lush botanical themes, deep & vibrant colours.The mixture of hyper reality & nature. The students of fashion executed the theme to garments very well, from the vibrant colors to the fabric, Silhouette, mix-matches, flares which were well adopted.


The students of Textile Design & Interior Design brought forward the innovative idea of ‘Hukka-Lounge’ with the idea of placement of furniture & home furnishing in a well defined manner in the style of current trend-2018. PSYCHOTROPICAL- fashion defined by vibrant pallet, vivid tropical patterns & prints rendered by digital engineering & wrapped visual cues borrowed by hyper-real perception of nature, underscored by bright synthetic colourways.

Smt.Bharti Vaid was delighted to see the efforts craftsmanship & creativity of students & was happy. To see such immense talent in Jammu.Smt.Vaid encouraged the students & staff of IIFT for their efforts & ideas brought forward in such a manner. She congratulated the centre Director & Chairperson of IIFT for giving platform to the youth of J & K. Speaking on the occasion Centre director Ms.Preeti Sultan said it gives her eternal satisfaction to bring out the talent of students in upfront which will provide shape & dimension to the youth of Jammu & Kashmir who are still looking forward to promote professionalism in vast spectrum of fashions & designing world. In the end she was thankful to her team & faculties Ms.Ekta Rani, Ms.Ambika Billoweria, Ms.Nalini Tandotra to bring out the best from the students.