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SRINAGAR: The lives of every ordinary citizen are vulnerable due to drastic rise of dogs across state.  At least 5,320 dog bite cases have been registered at SMHS hospital in previous year with Srinagar topping the list. The statistics revealed that of the 5,320 dog bite cases, 3963 were reported from City alone. These figures are enough to reject the claims of the government to control the street dog population. The dogs chasing cars, pulling down bicycle riders, attacking pedestrians and school children’s, even some of the victims have been died of rabies.

Children’s from the age group 4-9 are most common victims of dog bites. Due to alarming increase in dog bite cases in Kashmir, Srinagar municipality corporation (SMC) has issued nine points of do’s and don’ts an advisory in October 2017 asking people to save themselves from canines. It has also notified contact numbers for the general public in case they see a strange dog in their locality with an aggressive behavior. The people can contact on 0194-2470466 or can send an e-mail on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Experts believe that Kashmiris use dietary foods like Mutton and Chicken regularly and same is the reason behind that dogs eat protein rich food regularly .The Jammu and Kashmir Human Rights Commission has described dog attacks on Human being as Violation of human rights. Canine terror can be controlled by three approaches sheltering, killing and sterilization.  We have a responsibility to do proper waste management planning, so that dogs will get less chance of feeding on the garbage.