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JAMMU: Bhartiya Kala Sangam today staged ‘Shah-Shahni’, a play written by Ranjeensh Gupta during Annual Drama Festival-2018, organized by J&K Academy of Art Culture and Language. Staged under the direction of renowned Actress and Director, Neha Lahotra, ‘Shah-Shahni’ was highly praised by the audiences on Sunday.

‘Shah-Shahni’ is a story of two friends of different religions, who were divided at the time of Partition of the country in 1947 and the Shah, visited back to Jammu from Pakistan after 50 years to see his birth town and luckily met the lady, whom he admires during his young age. The play showcased the feelings of the divided families and friends who wanted to visit the place, where they born and brought up, but the division of the country couldn’t allow them to do so.

The play was full of emotions, Romance, Pain and laughter too, which grabbed the attention of the audience. Many of the scenes wetted the eyes of the audience. Neha Lahota, played the role of Shahni, whereas Mohit Sharma played as Shah. Sahil played as Gara Halwai, Neha Katariya as neighbor, Nikita as neighbor and Puneet as helper of the Gara Halwai. Shah-Shahni was the sixth play of the Annual Drama Festival-2018, which was started on November 13 at Abhinav Theatre Jammu.