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JAMMU: Successful performance of "Vasansi Jirnani" done on December 12 and 13 at K.L Sehgal Hall Jammu. Vasansi Jirnani is a play in Hindi written by Mahesh Elkunchwar translated by Ramesh Mehta and Directed by Sangeet Natak Academy awardee Mushtaq Kak. The play was presented by Unison Cultural Troupe in collaboration with Amateur Theatre Group.

The story of Vasansi Jirnani tells about complex intrapersonal relationship that a family shares. The play starts where Baba who is head of the family is on death bed and waiting for Raghunath to release him from his plight. Whole family is waiting for the last moment, the pretensions in familial relationships are slowly uncovering.

The long wait before the final moment reveals major truths about Baba's life as well as the characters perception of each other. Actors who participated in the performance are Mridul Raj Anand, Dr. Payal Arora, Bindiya Tikoo, Mehak Ali, Aayan Ali and Aman Sangral. Mohit Purie and Sandeep Verma was assistant director. Mohit Singh Chib was production Manager and Harsh was Costume and property in charge.

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