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DEADAWAKENJAMMU: Keeping its traditional stint with Theatre of Convenience, lakshya –Tha Aim under the concept of Dusking Odyssey took to a serious theatrical presentation at the banks of scenic Surinsar Lake. The play entitled ‘Aakhiri Khat’ was presented by a young theatre artist Karishma Bajgal in a solo performance that captivated the audience of the area who appreciated her histrionics and acting prowess.

The play Aakhiri Khat was a tale of reminiscence of familial events in suburbs of a village which once was a flourishing folk of four people degenerated to unfortunate deaths. Story takes off with a dead awakening and recapitulating as to how family of four including father , mother and two sisters were strongly gelled before miseries started telling upon them.

Father’s death lead to elder sister eloping with her paramour leaving her mother disheveled and broken who is hospitalized, but is waiting for return of her daughter . The younger daughter in order to keep hopes alive of her mother starts writing fake letters when she comes to know about the tragic death of her elder sister in an accident. Though plan works, but falls apart as her mother takes last breathe and she too embraces death by suicide in a nearby well where she used to throw letters. “My bed of letters awaits me in the dry well and it’s my time to sleep’- announces tragic end.

Karishma Bajgal gave a scintillating performance as dead girl who left an indelible mark of a mature artist . Aaditya Bhanu, senior theatre director’s ace bearing added charismatic hue to monologue while he was aptly aided in direction by Shalini Sharma. Vikram Sharma had scripted Aakhiri Khat. Rahul Khatri, Sonam Sharma, Varsha Bakshi , Aman Sharma , Bindia, Sandeep Sharma, Rohit Saini , Tarun Sharma,  Shikha Bandral, Drishti Rajput and Yogita Singh were present on occasion.