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JAMMU: Lalded women welfare society (Regd) & Ek Smaan Munch staged a dogri play namely “Apne Talle Apni Boli” on 8.03.2015 at Janipur, Jammu in line to its Saturday series in which changing trend of culture & language of local people was highlighted. The play was decently performed that how our youngsters are forgetting mother tongue and perusing the western fashion becoming a challenge to our rich tradition & culture.

This play is conceived & written by Rampaul & directed by Naveen Pal. The story opens with Nattu who is a college student and he is always happy with his friends, he prefers to speak in  English or other language  to show advancement  neglecting mother tongue/ local language which was being viewed seriously by their family members Nattu like to wear western dresses to look attractive & modern and to leave impression on other of different kind in the college.

This  atticates  displeasing to his  parents who are always speaking  in local language  and wearing simple  dress. “Nattu” becoming puzzle that what to do and advising alike to him as there is  always debate open at home that “Nattu”  has come under influence of western culture and how he will sustain in the  society as he has no command over his mother tongue & putting odd dress.

Nattu is in fix where to go and what to do with the situation. “Nattu” was being laughed at by their own family on his broken language. One day his uncle “Ramu” visited his residence and explained after listening that whole story that the relevance of mother tongue / local language & dress code may be properly understood & followed to preserve our identity. He further told if we wear odd dress & speak English / other language, we should be misunderstood by the outsider and people will keep distance from us in which long gap will be developed.

He further told  that local language & culture connect us  with other people and we can understand their every things straight way. English/ other language may be used on need basis. We need to teach our children for our rich tradition culture etc so that our   language/ culture / dress code  may be maintained.


On this occasion Sh. M.P Gupta (Pawan) National Media (State President) was present who appreciated the actors and efforts of the organization spreading social awareness among the masses by picking up local issues of public importance. Sh. Rampaul (writer/singer/social activist & coordinator to LWWS) was given men to by Sh. MP Gupta (Pawan) & also to Naveen pal (Actor /Director) for their excellent performance. However Smt. Santosh Basotra organized the play with Barkha Thakur , Anju Sanotra & Sonu. The audience appreciated the play.

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JAMMU: Natraj Natya Kunj, Cultural Society, Jammu (Regd) concluded month long  Folk Theatre Workshop here in Studio Ranglok, Bakshi Nagar, Jammu. In this Workshop participants were given guidance about Theatre Ethics, Theatre Idioms and creation of visuals. Financial assistance for this Workshop was provided by Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi.

With the support of Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi, Natraj Natya Kunj, provided a platform to young energetic youth of Jammu who wanted to earn knowledge of Theatre. Vetran writer and Director Kumar A ‘Bharti’, Dr.Sudhir Mahajan, Garu Ram, Waryam Samrat, Abhishek Bharti, Pt. Makhan Lal delievered their lecture, demonstrations and  shared their experience with the young aspirants which they have earned in their life. Students created visuals and symbolical images with use of body theatre. Kumar A ‘Bharti’ stressed on the importance of folk theatre and said that young generation must know their roots, our rituals and Dogra Culture.

 Dr. Sudhir Mahajan said during their lecture that our folk trends should be preserved and it is high time that we should be serious about our folk forms.Mr. Makhan Lal appreciated that in hard situation folk performers are saving these art forms which are dying . He said that our folk forms need attention from concerned departments and they must be protected.

Abhishek bharti gave the guidance about body movements and traditional masks which we use in our folk theatre. He also shows the process of mask making and guided them which kind of material we can use in mask making. Manoj Dhamir Shammi gave tips on make-up particularly of traditional folk artists do at the time of their performance. How they use raw material and simple things to create traditional effect.

President Natraj Natya Kunj, Cultural Society, Jammu® louded the support of SangeetNatak Akademi, New Delhi and thanked them for providing financial assistance and hope in near future such support should be released so we can extend our efforts to conduct workshops in rural areas with folk artists of that areas.

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  • ‘Let your skin be born again with Doy Care Aloe Vera Revitalizing Face Wash’ – says actress Aaditi Pohankar
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MUMBAI: The skin you were born with isn’t the skin you live with! On International Women’s Day 2015, it’s time to give Indian women the power to be pure and natural.  Doy Care Aloe Vera Revitalizing face wash which lends your skin a new lease of life, is the latest innovative tribute to all  women  on this occasion by VVF (India) Ltd., a global leader in personal care products and Oleochemicals business since the last 75 years.

Aloe Vera is a miracle ingredient with 75 potentially active phytonutrients and 200 active compounds like (Minerals, Amino acids, Vitamins, Enzymes, etc.). “Consumers regularly use Aloe Vera for multiple purposes in various forms. For the last one and half decades Doy Care has been offering the benefits of pure aloe vera gel through its soaps and consumers swear by its quality.  With the changing lifestyle and consumer habits, we found that the consumers are looking out for many such pure and natural products to address their daily personal care needs.  “We plan to strengthen Aloe Vera equity further by creating an ingredient platform; i.e. extending into various categories across personal care with Pure Aloe Vera gel. Expect many more products with Aloe Vera in the near future,” says Mr. Ashish Potdar, Senior Vice President & Business Head-Consumer Products, VVF (India) Ltd.

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The World of Doy Care consists of a range of products offering the experience and benefits of pure and natural ingredients. At Doy Care we believe that what goes on your body is as important as what goes in your body, and that’s why we have created a range of products that offer the experience and benefits of pure, natural ingredients which help nurture and nourish your natural beauty. Doy Care is available in three variants: Doy Care Aloe Vera, Doy Care Honey & Glycerin, and Doy Care Crème, all enriched with ingredients sourced directly from nature.

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About VVF Ltd.:

VVF is a global player in the Chemicals and Personal Care product industries. Head quartered in Mumbai, India, VVF has over 15 operating centres spread across 4 continents, Asia, North America, Africa and Europe. The company currently stands as one of the largest manufacturer of Oleochemicals in India and one of the largest contract manufacturers of bar soaps in the world. Founded in 1939, VVF celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2014.

The company has three main business verticals – Contract Manufacturing, Consumer Products and Oleochemicals. VVF manufactures some of the finest brands of soaps and cosmetics for global players like Johnson & Johnson, Henkel, Reckitt Benckiser to name a few, besides having its own range of branded soaps like, DOY, DOY Care, JO, Bactershield and JO Perfect hair dye.