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JAMMU: Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party, 3-times Legislator, Sr. Advocate in the Supreme Court of India and oldest friend of noted international personalities like Palestinian Hero Yasir Arafat, Iraqi President, Saddam Hussain, Libyan Leader, Col. Qaddafi and expert on the Constitutions of democratic countries including Canada, Australia and India has urged the National and the Regional Political Parties in the Republic of India to make a common choice to elect their next President of India without a political bias or favour.

He said the world is passing through a grave crises and India is the only country in the world which have a great and a noble role to play to ensure that peace with human dignity is maintained all over the world. The East has a different crises whereas the West is sulking in its complex/inferiority. It concedes over the outdated political charges and has not recognised the cool breeze of the East that even Christ felt in Jerusalem 2000 years back when he was facing the heat of his opponents while fighting for justice and humanity in Jerusalem.

Prof. Bhim Singh appealed the political parties of India that India has to elect one President for five years and India has best of the personalities/notables today who can be a shining Ambassador of India’s shining culture and civilisation. It is not a political representation but a representative of India’s cultural heritage and Ambassador of our thousands years old civilisation—Bharata.

Prof. Bhim Singh reminded the national leadership at the Centres and the States that he had addressed a letter to the Hon’ble Electorates in this process on 6th May, 2017 urging all the Hon’ble “Members of the Electoral College to elect the next President of India who shall represent India’s cultural heritage and its centuries’ old cool breeze of love and affection. Dr. Karan Singh is the best choice. The political parties may reach a consensus. It shall send a great message unto the world.”

The world is passing through a grave crises and India has a great responsibility to ensure that the world goes through the new era of peace which is possible only when the peace-loving noble leadership in the world shall join hands for maintaining world peace. India has an opportunity to be a real Ambassador of peace.

The Hon’ble Members of the Electoral College should think of their representative who has knowledge of the world history, who has experience to run Governments, a person who has knowledge of the world affairs, a person who has a history of his own and who has command on the languages which are spoken at home and abroad. A person who has an experience, education and knowledge of the history of his own country and the history of the world. We have a person, Dr. Karan Singh who shall pass all the tests as an educationist, as a representative of India’s cultural edifice and who has perfection in most of the languages spoken in India and on the floors of the United Nations.

Here is the person today in the history of India who represents the unique voice of India rather entire Asia and who shall carry the Indian Flag unto the world with agenda of peace, humanity, brotherhood and human glory. This opportunity, I am sure India is not going to miss. Prof. Bhim Singh made this strong appeal to the leaders, intellectuals and thinkers of India to consider his appeal on merit and for the glory of the Nation, India.