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RAMNAGAR: Taking a pot shot at the central and state BJP leaders for their professed promises made during elections of “good governance” “corruption free system”, “Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas” and “Achey Din”, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister today ridiculed the elected representatives for having utterly belied the hopes and aspirations of the people living in both rural and urban areas. He said that with a lame duck govt and a crippled administration in the state, the people witnessed the worst ever phase of under development, decadence, non performance, patronized corruption, fiscal indiscipline and utter lack of accountability. He was addressing a massive public rally in Ramnagar Town today.

Accusing the present dispensation of rampart corruption and red tape, Mr. Singh observed that coalition govt had failed to translate any of its election time promises into reality. He said that during the past two and a half years, the people especially of Ramnagar had suffered the most suffocating era of misrule, mis-governance with transparency and accountability conspicuously missing in administration and political leadership. He said that an unholy politician-contractor nexus had deprived the people of the benefits of various development schemes with funds having been swindled by corrupt mafia through fake and fictitious bills. He said that though the funds had been shown in the records of various Govt Deptts to have been incurred; the delivery on the ground was hardly visible.


Castigating the central and state BJP leaders, who had flown in choppers and other chartered flights to every nook and corner of Ramnagar constituency during elections promising “Achey Din” had failed to restore even such basic amenities to the people which they availed even in the normal routine. He said while the top BJP leadership had failed to even show up in Ramnagar after elections, the local leadership had displayed utter lack of concern for the woes of people thus leaving them at the mercy of God. He regretted that Ramnagar, once known, for exemplary initiatives in development had suffered apathy and neglect at the hands of present leaderships and sought a probe into the loot of tax payers’s money by a well knit mafia operational in the constituency. He said that despite having lost elections he would not let the people down and would fight tooth and nail, the highly discriminatory and biased approach against the remote areas.


Expressing serious concern over the dilapidated condition of almost all roads in the constituency which had cut off the rural areas from the town, Mr. Singh called for their immediate restoration so as to make them trafficable in view huge inconvenience caused to the general public. He regretted non commencement of up-gradation work over Marta-Dheeran road and Sunater road which were sanctioned for Rs. 13 crore and Rs. 8 crore respectively during 2013-14 and cautioned the officers of massive public uprising in case of any further delay on the issue. He cautioned the R&B and PMGSY Deptts to refrain from allotting construction works on pick and choose and to duly observe the codel formalities as arbitrary allotments without tenders had led to massive corruption and would eventually and surely land in vigilance net. He called for early restoration of defunct power supply system with repairs of damaged transformers, replacement of damaged water supply lines so as to ensure potable drinking water to rural ares and provision of deficient staff in schools at the earliest.  He lambasted the CEO Udhampur for flouting norms in the recent transfers of teachers and called for a probe in view of massive complaints of paid transfers and violation of norms. He called for a vigilance probe into the premature transfer of his own son made by CEO Udhampur without having obtained administrative approval as mandated under the transfer policy. 

Prominent among those who spoke on the occasion included Mrs. Manju Singh, Pt. Shiv Ram Sharma, Thakur Dass, Dev Singh, Sagar Dev, Shiv Dev, Pushpinder, Capt. Vijay Singh, Arun Dev, Akash Kharka, Sunil Singh besides others.