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SRINAGAR: Re-employment syndrome in Jammu and Kashmir is at its highest, notwithstanding  the unemployment graph in the State continues to swell. Reports said that favourite retired employees of the ruling parties are being re-employed despite a clear-cut cabinet decision which completely. Sources said that in almost all the government departments particularly in CAPD Department retired government servants have been re-employed, thus killing the talent and aspirations of unemployed educated youth of Jammu and Kashmir.

Sources added that from high-ranking bureaucrats to lower rung employees, the Jammu and Kashmir Government hasn’t shunted the practice of picking up its “favourite and influential” officials for re-engagement, extensions or re-employment. “If there is a government order banning re-employment then this order should be implemented in letter and spirit. Unfortunately, government is itself violating rules,” said a senior government officer. The re-employment syndrome doesn’t go well with the state’s rising graph of unemployment, with a latest survey revealing that the state has more than 6.35 lakh unemployed youth registered.