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KISHTWAR: National Conference Provincial President Mr Devender Singh Rana on Wednesday feared a severe volcano erupting with Jammu youth feeling pushed to edge due the BJP’s betrayal. “For the past six decades of their role as opposition, the BJP has been hammering discrimination to the hilt and once getting into cradle of power in partnership with the PDP, they have subjected the Jammu youth to deprivation”, Mr Rana told reporters, at the side-lines of a ‘prayer meeting’ held in memory of Th Prithvi Singh, who died in a road mishap, at Kishtwar this afternoon. Prominent who attended the prayer meeting were Mr Sajjad Ahmed Kitchloo, MLC, Mr. Tanvir Ahmed Kitchloo District President Kishtwar, Qazi Jalal ud Din ex-MLA and others. 

Mr Rana referred to the latest spell of jolt given to meritorious and talented educated youth of Jammu during various selections has raised eyebrows of the aspirants. This is a classic example of betrayal perpetrated by the BJP apart from pursuing other anti-youth policies during the past three years. He said the hysteria created over the Jammu interests is falling apart into pieces, as the promises made before, during and after the 2014 elections have evaporated like bubble of water. 

“The BJP has lost its sheen as also moral right of claiming to be the champions of the Jammu cause, as power corridors are more attractive for its leaders than reaching out to alienated masses. He said that people in general are feeling let down, as the entire system of governance has gone haywire. He said the dreams sold for sixty years are turning into nightmare with soaring prices breaking backbone of poor, utility services in shambles, grievance mechanism in disarray and all sectors of development suffering inertia. “Same is true about implementation of welfare schemes”, he said adding that instead of generating hype and running paper tigers, the BJP’s impact on governance is missing. 

The Provincial President replied to a question: “There is huge difference between agitation and administration”. He elaborated that being in the opposition had mastered the BJP to agitate but once holding constitutional positions, they are showing signs of naivety, which is why Jammu is suffering hugely. He dared the BJP to spell out even one of the promises that has been kept, adding they were very generous in making hollow rhetorical promises with least intentions of keeping these. He said the BJP has been instrumental in adding to the miseries of the people and pushed them to the wall. 

To another question, Mr Rana said that the politico-administrative situation is fluid due to reactionary politics being pursued by the BJP that has resulted in performance deficit on governance front besides instability and mistrust on political front. He hoped that the people will see through the BJP’s game-plan of whipping up passions as a diversionary tactic from administrative failure. He said the growing realization among people, especially the youth of Jammu about diversionary and divisive politics of the BJP is simmering into a huge discontent, which if not checked may erupt into a political volcano that will not be in the larger interest of the state. 

Earlier, Mr Rana and Mr. Kitchloo paid glowing tribute to Thakur Prithvi Singh, describing him as a selfless, sincere and dedicated National Conference leader who contributed immensely in strengthening the party at the grass roots level and striving for seeking redressal to the grievances of the people. Mr Rana also expressed deep shock and grief over the death of Pt Dina Nath, a social worker and Ct Amit Parihar, who died in a road mishap. He visited the bereaved families to conveyed his condolences and prayed for peace to departed souls. Pt Rameshwar Dutt, Block President NC Nagrota, Mr Mohammed Iqbal, ex Sarpanch Khanpur and Mr Mohammed Amin, former Naib Sarpanch of Khanpur, Nagrota constituency also accompanied Mr. Devender Singh Rana.