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KISHTWAR: Former minister and National Conference MLC Mr Sajjad Ahmed Kichloo on Thursday described PDP-BJP government as a non-starter even after crossing the half-way mark, saying the governance is at lowest ebb and development has turned out a distant dream. “The government is nowhere to be seen on ground”, Mr Sajjad Kichloo said while addressing a day-long National Conference here. The convention was presided over by the NC Provincial Vice President, Qazi Jalal-ud-Din.


He said the impact of the government is zero in rural and remote pockets with infrastructural development and utility services remaining in shambles. “The woes of the people are reflective of the governance deficit”, he said adding that the condition across the state continues to be worse. He said the PDP and BJP alliance has miserably failed on all fronts, saying every segment of society—youth, farmers, daily rated workers, weaker sections—is feeling huge sense of deprivation and denial.

The former minister, however, gave credit to the ‘North Pole, South Pole”, alliance of succeeding in sowing the seeds of mistrust among different segments of society on the basis of region and religion and generating euphoria on emotive issues. In this context took a dig at the ruling coalition over BJP’s rants over Article 370 and said the PDP needs to clear its stand on this sensitive issue, which is constitutional guarantee stands like a bridge between Jammu and Kashmir and New Delhi, which can’t be abrogated.

Mr Sajjad Kichloo described PDP-BJP as an opportunistic alliance that can go to any extent in remaining glued to the power. He said this tie-up has proved nightmarish for the people who are suffering on every front. While the developmental initiatives taken during the tenure of Mr Omar Abdullah as Chief Minister have been put to back burner, the government has totally failed in completing various projects and schemes of immense public importance.

The MLC held the government squarely responsible for creating mess in just over three years of taking over the reins of administration and putting the state virtually at the brink of collapse. He said the engine of development is gaining rust and the atmosphere of peace and tranquility has become a fact of the past. He asked the coalition partners to spell out even one promises having been realized which they made to the people. He asked the government, either to perform or perish, as public patience and resilience can erupt into a volcano if the government goes ahead with its dangerous policies of antagonizing youth, putting brakes on development, showing scant concern towards normal functioning of the utility services and vitiating the atmosphere.

Mr Sajjad Kichloo elaborately dwelt upon the problems faced by the people of the Kishtwar district and said the power and water supply is erratic while the condition of roads has become vulnerable due to negligence thus putting the lives of pedestrians and commuters to grave risk. “This is time for the government to put its act together and get going in the governmental business rather than indulging in deviatory and diversionary tactics”, he maintained.

Speaking on the occasion, Qazi Jalal-ud-Din, former legislator, expressed anguish over highly dilapidated condition of road network in the entire district, scarcity of quality rations at the CAPD sale outlets and poor health services with most of the health institutions lacking medicines and minimum basic facilities.

Qazi Jalal-ud-Din lambasted the PDP-BJP government for virtually abandoning the remote and rural areas. The various other speakers including Mr Farooq Ahmed Dev, Youth District President Kishtwar, Mr Tanveer Hussain Babzada  Youth Vice President Jammu Province, Mr Ghulam Qadir, , Mr Riyaz Ahmed Bhat, Mr Ghulam Rasool Malik and Mr Shameem Ahmed, the functionaries of the party, highlighted the issues concerning the people, especially the youth. They castigated the PDP-BJP dispensation for pursing anti-youth policies.


Prominent among those present in the day long convention included  Mr Mohd Ishaq Kumar, Mr Jasmeen Wani, Choudary Ab Wahid, Mr Javeed Ahmed Shah, Mr Fakir Chand, Ms Umma Devi, Mr  Iqbal Babzada, Mr Ahad Bhat, Mr Muzaffar Ahmed Sheikh, Mr Muzaffar Ahmed Butt, Mr Mohd Nawaz Sheikh, Mr Gh Hassan Sheikh, Mr Khursheed Ahmed, Molvi  Gh Mohd, Molvi Younas, Mr Bakhtayar  Ahmed Babzada, Mr ariq Hussain, Mr Sabdar Hussain, Mr Noor Hussain and Mr Abdul Rashid.