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ANANTNAG: The picture of inconsolable Hazika, a three year old girl at the burial of her father Khurshid who attained martyrdom in a terror attack in Kulgam evokes anger as well pain; anger for the senseless violence and pain for loss of an innocent life in the line of duty. 

Jammu Kashmir Police over the years have learnt to take this unbearable pain of loosing its brave hearts while serving the people. Working in extremely difficult environment these men over the years have become the most important link of the state with the society. They have exhibited exemplary compassion and professionalism while dealing with extremely complicated conflict scenarios. 

Families of the Policemen go through a very difficult time explaining the role of the Police in the society. It is universal. At the same Police has an organic link with the society. Mindless assault on Police though do not invite protest for the fear of criminals, the silence of the community seldom has the approval for such attacks on the uniform. 

The brave hearts we have lost in this journey were performing bonafide duties. Our hearts sear seeing the tears of innocent faces at the untimely demise of their near ones while performing the legitimate duty. 

Words fall short for condemning such cowardice acts. We as a family stand united at this critical juncture and promise to harness peace by discharging our duty. As a professional force we are committed to our duty. Our pain of loosing official like Khurshid and more so tears of little Hazika will further strengthen our mission. These brave-men will always remain in our hearts.RIP.