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CHATROO: Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC), Vice President Ghulam Mohammad Saroori lashed out at both State and Centre Govts for failing to win the hearts of people citing the reason as malicious campaign being launched against the people, especially the Special Status of the State and interference into Islam religion. Addressing a large gathering, Saroori said ruling dispensation of PDP BJP is responsible for the uncertainty and anguish among the people in all the three regions of the State, after securing votes from the people failed them on every count leading to the restlessness and confusion in the entire State.

Saroori hit out at PDP and BJP for the deteriorating situation in the State and blamed both for failing to create an atmosphere of peace, as a result, country & the State is passing though very crucial phase leading to the deep alienation among people. People are subjected to mental torture by the State Govt in order to hide its failures, for the fact, PDP BJP has miserably failed to deliver. The misrule and mismanagement on their part has added woes to the people, there seems no end to uncertainty prevailing in the State.

Censuring both PDP BJP for failing to come up to the expectations of the people, Saroori said people have realized that their vote to PDP BJP inspite of bring respite has brought miseries to them, they have also realized they have been forced to vote by playing with their emotions, which is indicative of the double standards, betrayal on the part of PDP BJP, as a result there is great disappointment among the people in all the three regions, he said.

Saroori said Congress party has always taken care of urges and aspirations of the people, while having worked as a bridge between the people and the regions, but this Govt is doing everything to divide the regions, rather they have created regional imbalance in order to intact their vote banks, but I want to tell both PDP BJP that people have decided to oust both of them, for the fact, they have seen darkest days of PDP BJP rule, he felt confident that people will vote them out of power in the future elections. He added that ruling dispensation in the State is banking on politics of deceit exploited people on various counts, he promised that Congress party will expose the PDP BJP and will make them accountable and answerable to people.

He also urged upon the Party Cadres to launch a door to door campaign against the anti people policies of the Govt and work hard to resolve the problems confronting people. Addressing the gathering Thakur Balbir Singh (MLC), lashed out at the BJP for its total surrender over the promises made to the people of Jammu region and blamed that present government of holding out discrimination to the Jammu region on all fronts. He said that BJP compromised on all issues and slogans for the sake of power and they stand badly exposed. He questioned the role of BJP towards their ideology and commitments while power sharing with PDP.

Thakur Balbir Singh accused the PDP of "betraying and back stabbing" people in 2014 by aligning with the BJP, saying the party sacrificed it's ideology for the sake of power, and did not even cared about the emotions of the people, who voted for them to defeat the RSS from implementing its communal agenda in the state and alleged that the "unholy alliance" between the PDP and the BJP, for the sake of power, has "disturbed the socio- political scenario" in the state, as a result, people were feeling "unsafe and threatened". 

Among others who addressed the convention included Haji Ghulam Qadir Sheikh, Hafiz Ali Mohd, Ghulam Mohd Kohli, Santosh Kumar, Bidya Lal Sharma, Altaf Hussain Malik, Firdous Ahmed Mingnoo, Mohd Rafi, Mohd Amin Naik, Chowdhary Noor Din told the gathering that people of entire J&K state has suffered immensely due to the mismanagement and misrule by the ruling dispensation. He said both the parties (PDP and BJP) have failed the people in every respect as a result there is a deep alienation among the people in all the three regions of the State. 
Later another impressive function was organized at Dak Bungalow Chatroo to welcome five dozens PDP and BJP workers into Congress party in presence of Mr. Saroori and Mr. Balbir.