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THATHRI: In a boost to the Congress party in Phagsoo Thathri region, Senior PDP leader Altaf Hussain along with his supporters joined the party in presence of Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congresss Committee (JKPCC), Vice president, Ghulam Mohammad Saroori.  Addressing different groups of people at various places of Thathri, Nandana, Phagsoo, Butt Mihalla, Cheera areas, Saroori said, Congress is the only viable democratic option for self-respecting people, particularly in a State like Jammu & Kashmir, because here the present dispensation PDP and BJP, has in its bid to continue enjoying power, helplessly succumbed to dynasty politics and yielded space to self-serving regional parties with no accountability. This has resulted in mis-governance, corruption, nepotism and rampant misappropriation in various schemes by the present state government.

Saroori said that aim of our party is not grab power but to restore dignity and honour of the people. “Our only desire to make Jammu and Kashmir an Island of Peace and to establish lasting peace in this sub-continent”, he said and claimed that people have realized that Congress is the only party which can ensure for all of them a dignified life with safety and without fear. 

He further said that Congress is the only truly secular party because its ethos teaches the practice of justice and fair-play for one and all without discrimination or distinction. Those who raise the slogans of unity are in fact trying to befool people by instigating them in the name of religion while they themselves are not committed to any religion or faith, he added. He said that he always advises a Muslim to be a true Muslim and a Hindu to be a true Hindu, because if each one of them follows his respective religion faithfully, we will automatically have nothing but feeling of love and brotherhood for each other. Those who indulge in rhetoric of “division” are, in fact, not loyal to any religion and are therefore, neither true Hindu nor true Muslim, he added.

Welcoming the newly joined workers into the party fold, Saroori congratulated and said that Altaf Hussain has the capability to work for the party and for the overall development of the Nandana Phagsoo areas of Thathri. Saroori while welcoming the new entrant in Congress, also said that the youth is the future of our state who can shoulders the responsibilities of bringing a revolution to end up culture of nepotism and favoritism. He further added the new entrants will play an important role to play in building peace, prosperity, development and to build the party structure and strengthen the Party at grass-root level in the Thathri belt.

Exuding confidence in the leadership of the Congress, the new entrants said that they have decided to join the party owing to its pro-people and revolutionary policies. They said Jammu and Kashmir is presently passing through the difficult times and it is only credible leadership of the Congress which not only can ensure the lasting peace and development but will take the State to new heights of development and prosperity.