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SRINAGAR: The Congress Party workers from Iddgah Assembly segment today staged peaceful demonstration against the power crisis in the valley especially in Iddgah area. The protest demonstration was led by Congress Leaded Imtiyaz Ahmad Khan.  Expressing serious concern over attitude of the PDD towards the people, Congress vice Mohd Anwar Bhat while commenting on the peaceful protest said that Congress workers who tried to approach chief Engineer were harassed and scolded by the officials of PDD and they were not allowed to approach Chief Engineer.
He described the behavior of PDD officials as highly condemnable, which is being encouraged to hide failure of the Govt on all counts. Congress workers were also harassed by the State Police peaceful during the protest at Srinagar Press Colony, besides some prominent workers of Iddgah were also detained in P/S Kothi Bagh, Vice President said. Blaming the Govt for use force on peaceful protest of Congress Workers, Mod Anwar Bhat said that Govt is using all oppressive measure to crush the genuine voice of people in order to hide its failures.