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JAMMU: Justice Hasnain Masoodi, Chairperson, Selection-cum-Oversight Committee, Juvenile Justice Act, called on Governor N.N. Vohra at the Raj Bhavan here today. Justice Masoodi briefed Governor about the progress so far achieved and the constitution of 22 Juvenile Justice Boards and, besides, Child Welfare Committees. This has been done under the aegis of the Juvenile Justice Act which is a welfare legislation for securing the interests of the children in conflict with law but also those who are in need of care and protection.

Governor stressed the need to address the especial needs of children in conflict with law and ensure their fair treatment as per the prescription of the Act and Rules. He observed that the constitution of the Juvenile Justice Boards and Child Welfare Committees will help the Judicial Officers to better enforce the Juvenile Justice System  and enable the provisions of the Statute to be implemented in its letter and spirit.

Prof. Anju Bhasin, Vice-Chancellor of the Cluster University of Jammu, called on Governor N.N. Vohra at the Raj Bhavan here today. Governor observed that the successful functioning of the Jammu and Kashmir Cluster Universities would significantly augment the existing higher education facilities in the State and hoped that the additional and advanced courses offered by the two new Universities would be particularly useful in training students to better meet the arising job market requirements. He advised Prof. Bhasin to strive for making the University a hub of excellence in teaching and research.

Sh. Khalid Jehangir, Vice-Chairman, J&K Projects Construction Corporation Ltd (JKPCC), called on Governor N.N. Vohra at the Raj Bhavan here today. Sh. Jehangir briefed the Governor about the functioning of the Corporation and the steps being taken to supply customers with innovative and cost-efficient construction products and services which meet their needs. JKPCC also provides the required supporting infrastructure.

Governor advised Sh. Jehangir to pursue required actions for ensuring transparency and accountability in the functioning of the Corporation and, besides, strict adherence to the agreed cost and time schedules. While efficiently discharging their mandated roles, the Governor stressed the importance of Public Sector Units also remaining socially relevant and totally responsible.