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NEW DELHI: Deputy Chief Minister Jammu and Kashmir, Dr Nirmal Singh said credible and informative media has a pivotal role in a democratic set up after legislature and judiciary. The Deputy Chief Minister was speaking at National Annual General Meeting of the Federation of PTI Employees' Union, here today. He said that news organizations should follow all the media ethics and try to present news objectively which is essential for informing the readers about the proper perspective of any event or a happening.


While talking about the concept of credibility of media, he said that journalists should carry out their duties in a professional manner, so that the tendencies trying to undermine the true journalistic ethics are arrested. He further said that any news which affects the trust on media and its functioning should be not be given credence and   steps should be taken to check the same. The event was attended by Director General, Indian Institute of Mass Communication, K.G Suresh, Senior leaders Manish Tiwari, Mamta Singh, National council members of PTI and other media organizations.