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JAMMU: The members of Movement for Peace, Equality & Justice have in its statement appealed to the people of J&K state in general & the people of Kashmir in particular for maintaining communal harmony and brotherhood at all cost as  there are such elements in the state who are bent upon provoking the innocent people for their vested interests  in Kashmir while as their own children are living & studying outside the state and enjoying a luxurious life there without caring for the poor people of the Kashmir.

These vested interests are throwing innocent youth in jaws of death by misleading them & prompting them to resort to stone pelting as a result of which a good number of misleading innocent youths & a good number of our own security personnel have died so for. The recent JeM fidayeens attack inside Sunjuwan Military family Quarters, where 5 soldiers, civilian killed & 10 other injured is all due to soft and sympathetic approach of successive state as well as centre governments towards the antinational elements in the state resulting encouragement to Pakistan to cross Indian border and attack on army camps as well killing thousands of innocent civilian over the past so many years.

They further said that instead of amending their wrong stances the politicians are still adopting their age old tactics of giving controversial statements. They give one statement in Jammu and quite a contradictory statement in Kashmir keeping in view their respective vote banks. The highly objectionable statement and pro- Pakistan slogans by a seating NC MLA is a glaring example of this phenomena. On the one hand responsible MLA makes such an objectionable statement while on the other hand his senior condemns him. It all was either with the consent of their seniors or there is a terrible lack of coordination and indiscipline within the party.  

They have expressed concern over the loss of precious lives of the people of Kashmir & our own security personnel in this unfortunate incident due to wrong & appeasement polices of the successive governments for their personal interests.  All political parties which are presently active in the country have always adopted the divide and rule policy for their vote banks and their personal interests.