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SRINAGAR: National Conference and Peoples Democratic Party may have failed to enter into marriage of governance together when the talk was ripe post fractured mandate of 2014 elections but now in a big surprise it is learnt that a senior politician from the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is all set to marry a woman leader from the opposition National Conference (NC).

The interesting thing is that despite both parties having total opposite agendas the duo have decided to get married. Sources have revealed to the Kashmir News Bureau that senior face of PDP from Kashmir valley has decided to enter into wedlock with NC leader, who enjoys influence in a particular tribe in the state.


“What will be interesting to note is how both the parties take this marriage in their own paradigm as in a hyper active political atmosphere of Kashmir such things are not easy . If the marriage really takes place it would be also key to note how the top brass of the both rival regional parties react, but nevertheless, it is an interesting development in offing. Will they remain in the separate political parties even after the marriage also is a key question that only future will answer,” stated a political watcher, pleading anonymity.

It is a famous saying that love sees no boundaries and in our state this marriage will prove the same saying more correct. The political gossip is that many Lawmakers are aware about the fact that both the politicians from opposite parties are soon getting married.