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SRINAGAR: Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) of Kashmir in a statement has said obstinacy of the Indian state to refuse to resolve the Kashmir dispute and the resulting repression is forcing young boys to take up arms and in the process they lose their lives in pursuit of liberating their land. Paying tributes to the militants Abid Ahmed, Ishfaq Ahmed, Umar Javaid and Yasir Ahmed killed in Laam, Tral in Pulwama district the JRL in a statement issued to Kashmir News Bureau said GOI looks at a military solution for Kashmir and use of extreme force is adopted to quell the peoples genuine political will and aspirations, no space is provided for expression of that will politically by the government . As a result our educated youth feel pushed  to resort to an armed struggle.


The Leadership said that students also feel compelled to hit the streets to express their anger and anguish over this extreme repression and killings of Kashmiris either civilians or armed that has  become a part of our daily lives. The banning  of all normal means of expression such as students bodies and forums that is available to students world over where they could express their views and protest is denied to them forcing them to come out  on roads.The authorities then again resort to use of force against them causing grievous injuries to them . Even little children and girls are not spared the rod. The forces charge at them even inside their schools which shows that even our Kashmir’s educational institutions aren’t safe from the forces.


The Leadership strongly condemned the arrest and detention of dozens of students in Baramulla, Sopore, Srinagar, Islamabad, Pulwama stated that New Delhi and the ruling regime in Kashmir are hell-bent to use full military might to force resistance leadership and the people into submission; however,that will never happen. New Delhi will be forced to realize the futility of this approach and will have to engage with Kashmir peoples will.