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SRINAGAR: National Vice President, BJP Youth Wing Engineer Aijaz Hussain today said that RSS is one of the best organizations of the world.  “Some people may think that they are against the Muslim ideology, but we have seen the system judged them. This organization is not anti-Muslim,” Hussain said at a seminar organized by a social organization at Dak Bungalow Baramulla. 


He said that Kashmir has seen a sharp decline in tourist flow due to the turbulent situation. He added that all the houseboat owners, shikirawalas, and other people related with tourism have been affected by violence. Engineer Aijaz Hussain said that due to continuous shutdown, education has suffered badly while the students’ career are at risk. “In coming years, we will certainly feel the heat of what we are doing today,” he said.


Criticizing the role and functioning of Kashmir based NGO’s, Hussain said that they are not living up to the expectations of the common people.   “NGO’s need to work for child labour, entrepreneurship, skill development, late marriages, old age homes, orphanages and other issues.”