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SRINAGAR: Director Agriculture Altaf Andrabi has brazenly violated the financial code of conduct by drawing disproportionate pay and also up-scaling the grade without any proper rules and set frame, an inside source said here.  Pertinently, when on the directions of the then Finance Minister, Department of Audits and Inspection, Finance Department ordered an enquiry into same and the report submitted consequently had shaking details to share over the violations of Altaf Andrabi.


The inquiry report reads “In view of the complaints against the officer for raising his pay without formal orders from the competent authority the audit examined the service book of the officer and observed that the officer has been granted higher pay in light of the interim relief awarded by honorable High Court , however audit observed that while doing so formal approval from the competent authority was not attained or not made available  to audit thus violating the codal formalities.”

Despite this no concrete action was taken against the official. On the otherhand, the Director has been without any due accord is on its own drawing 8000 pay scale of Director grade and while as his genuine pay scale while clarifying through RTI is that of Agriculture Extension officer , much lower than he has accorded himself.  A top source from the Department, while talking to the Kashmir News Bureau stated - “Violating the Codal Formalities and drawing the pay scale abnormally higher than what is due to him without any administrative proper rules while as Directors before him never have had this grade , and he has never paid the money back to the government as he is drawing salary much higher than his pay scale. It needs tough action as all reports nail the director.”


It is pertinent to mention here that recently the same Director was in news for throwing lavish party, by spending 4 lac to please his higher-ups.  A top source, while talking to the Kashmir News Bureau stated -“The agriculture sector is struggling and the Department is offering no vision for the struggling farmers while as the Director Altaf Andrabi is busy in spending the valuable resources of department towards spendthrift, lavish parties to please the new Agriculture Minister and before that commissioner secretary. The agriculture department is going nowhere in terms of progress and the Director is busy in extravagant approach.” 

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