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SRINAGAR: Reacting to the oath ceremony of B.S. Yeddy Ruppa in Karnataka without having appropriate numbers, Congress Leader Kadfeen Chowdhury today slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi over eroding the authority of democratic Institutions to grab power, cautioning the people of hypocrisy on the part of BJP hell bent upon to take the entire Nation for ride.
Kadfeen emphasized all secular forces to get united to defeat the designs of BJP RSS emphasizing that it is ultimately the people, who has to decide future of the Nation, besides rising to the occasion to defeat the divisive politics of BJP in the larger interests of securing the democratic institutions of the Country.
Stating that democracy is in great danger under BJP rule at Centre, Kadfeen Chowdhury said that the Karnataka Assembly Elections should work as eye opener for the Nation and decide as to what steps they need to take to protect the democratic institutions of the Country being used by BJP especially Prime Minister Narendra Modi to grab power.
He said this is high time for all secular forces in the Country to get united to save the democracy and secular image of the country, as that, the BJP is making all out efforts to undermine all democratic institutions aiming to use these to suppress secular forces, which needs to be thwarted, he added and reiterated his appeal to entire Nation to defeat the divisive policies of BJP RSS.