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SRINAGAR: A meeting cum interaction was held by President Women’s Wing Safina Baig at North Kashmir Ganderbal’s Choontiwaliwar area. Baig was accompanied by MLA Anjum Fazili and J&KPDP Youth President, Waheed Ur Rehman Para. Addressing a composite gathering of women, youth and man who spoke different languages like Pakhtoon, Kashmiri, Pahari and Gujrie, Safina Beig underlined the basic unity and to point out-what united them was their shared destiny, their yearning for peace and progress, provision of basic amenities like education, health, drinking water and sport facilities for the youth.


Safina Baig promised that she will focus what is common amongst us and not what divide us. “The real fight is against poverty, peace and progress and for that purpose PDP will enlist the guidance and all possible help of Hon’ble CM for the betterment of this far flung area who bear a golden heart,” said Baig. Meanwhile MLA Anjum Fazili while addressing the gathering said that it is an opportunity for common women of the state to grab the possibilities in various women related schemes already passed by Chief Minister of the state. She further emphasized and lauded the decision of the CM for abolishing the women stamp duty. 


On the otherhand, PDP Women’s Wing President, Safina Baig said the despicable slander of Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti by former Bharatiya Janata Party minister, Chaudhary Lal Singh’s brother during the ‘Dogra Swabiman Rally’ in Kathua has not only exposed himself but also his type of people who were bringing disrepute to their own community. Calling for initiation of action against the former BJP minister’s brother, Rajinder Singh Babby, Safina said, “Strictest possible legal action should be taken forthwith to make an example so that such disgraceful people do not indulge in such misdemeanors.”


Safina  remarked  if someone could use such an abusive language against the Chief Minister and the institution of the CM, one could imagine what they could do to ordinary women. “How can ordinary women be secure with such people around,” she said condemning the language used by the former BJP minister’s brother.