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SRINAGAR: Army Major Leetul Gogoi who is known for his infamous human shield act would have never imagined even in his dreams that he will be thrown out of the hotel and land into police station. Manzoor Ahmed, the owner of Grand Mumta Hotel is himself confused about the incident. “It happened in a jiffy. We came to know through social media that the Army Major detained from our hotel is the one posted at Beerwah who had tied Farooq Ahmed Dar with the bonnet of army jeep last year,” he told news agency CNS.


Throwing light on the incident, Manzoor said: “One Leetul Gogoi booked a Deluxe room in our hotel Grand Mumta for two persons for a night. We pick up those guests from Airport ourselves who book such rooms but on Wednesday morning two persons including a non-local male and a young local girl alighted from an Alto K10 vehicle. As they approached the reception counter, the man identified himself as Leetul Gogoi from Asam. He in fact showed his driving license from Asam instead of identity card. When our staff inquired about the girl who looked so young and a local, the man had no answer. Our staff humbly informed him that they don’t offer rooms for local girls,” said Manzoor Ahmed.

He added that girl looked minor and besides hotel staff was surprised to see a local girl with a non-local man. “They (Gogoi and girl) were nervous while facing these questions. The man along with the girl left the lobby in a hurry. The guy who had dropped them in the hotel was still present in the hotel parking in his vehicle (JK0E/2088). We later came to know that the visitor accompanying the girl was the Army Major Leetul Gogoi of Asam who is posted at Beerwah and the man who had dropped them at our hotel is someone called Sameer Malla of Budgam. This Malla was furious after we declined to offer room for the Gogoi and the girl. He created a scene there and threatened hotel staff of dire consequences. Some locals tried to enter into the hotel after Malla raised hue and cry. Sensing trouble, I called the police who took the trio to police station,” the hotel owner said.


As the news started making rounds on social media, police issued a press release without mentioning the name of the army officer. Even a ceremonial tweet from police said that IGP Kashmir has ordered a probe into the incident that will be conducted by SP North Srinagar city. Netizens on social media networking sites including Facebook and Twitter were all fuming over the incident while some of the non local journalists like Barkha Dutt questioned the intervention of police saying if it is consensual why the police. Senior Journalist Mufti Islah after the incident tweeted: “And the urgency to go almost alone risking his own life when whole of Kashmir did not approve what he did to weaver put on bonnet of jeep. Questions which investigators would find.” There were some netizens who sarcastically tweeted and told Major Gogoi not to worry as Jammu Kashmir Police is at his back.   

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