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JAMMU: National Conference leader and former minister, Mr. Sajjad Ahmed Kichloo has assailed the BJP led government at the Centre and PDP-BJP dispensation in the State for turning blind eye towards Jammu and Kashmir as far as implementation of various centrally sponsored schemes is concerned. Reacting to the approval granted to Rs 3000 crore North-East Industrial Development Scheme (NEIDS), Mr Sajjad Kichloo asked why Jammu and Kashmir is not considered for such a special dispensation keeping in view its economic backwardness and lack of industries. 

In a statement, Mr Kichloo said under the NEIDS, the government encourages primarily the Medium, Small and Micro Entreprised (MSMEs) sector with specific incentives to generate employment. He pleaded for NEIDS like scheme for the State to promote industrialization, generate income and employment besides transport, employment incentive, GST and Income Tax terminology of Planning Commission (now Niti Ayog) and Finance Commission on the analogy of North East States. 

“Since J&K is one of the special category states and is termed as a backward state, requiring special attention and incentives, the Centre should meet its aspirations”, Mr Kichloo said, adding that most of the Centrally Sponsored Schemes are extended here on 90:10 Centre-State pattern of funding. Mr Kichloo urged the State government to take up with the Centre sanctioning a special scheme on the analogy of NEIDS for Jammu and Kashmir to ensure economic emancipation and industrial growth of the State.