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JAMMU: Strongly censuring the call given by the transporters to observe one day strike on June 4, All J&K Passengers’ Welfare Association (AJKPWA) has termed it as anti-people act, which will create more hurdles for the passengers especially those who live in far-flung and rural areas.

In his press statement, the state president AJKPWA Pt RC Sharma has said that transporters always using strike as their weapon, which is immoral and unethical on the part of transporters as they have got permit to serve the society even during the emergencies but they themselves are creating hurdles for the people. He said that there are several other ways to convince the government but transporters several times indulged in chakka jam strike for their petty gains and made hostage of common people. He said that resorting strike means you are violating the basic principles of transportation as you have got permit not for your personal issue but for the public issue.

Suggesting the transporters, he said that the decision of observing one day strike on June 4, should be taken back and other modalities w=should be discussed to overcome the problem if there is any. He said that they are also the part of society and so they must take care of the people and society as they are legally authorized to transport the people, besides earnings.  

Expressing serious concern over the constant hike in petrol and diesel prices, he said that it is the concern of every person, which should be taken by one and all but resorting strike is totally anti-people and anti-social. He said that everyone is pressurizing the government to control the petrol-diesel prices and it is hoped that it would be rolled back.

Lambasting the state government for its criminal silence over the issues of transporters, he said that why government had not considered the genuine demands of the transporters as they are going to make hostage of people. He asked the government to immediate come out of the deep slumber and take this issue seriously. He also asked the government to make State Road Transport Corporation so that such threats from the private transporters should have no effect on the people.

He asked the government in case they failed to come out a solution for transporters and they go for strike then the government should bring busses from nearby state and carry on the process as usual. He also suggest the government to make committee at state level involving all the stakeholders in the process including AJKPWA for the taking solution of the problems in concern of transporters or passengers.