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UDHAMPUR: Army has recently refurbished and is upgrading the Women Empowerment Node at Kalakote. The node will impart training to local women and thereafter provide means of self-employment. The node is currently running a Wool Knitting course from 30 May to 12 Jun 2018. The Node is upgrading the existing facilities and during the course of training, additional equipments and raw material will be procured. The women participants will also be paid an honorarium in addition to the profit earned from sale of items produced by them.


The Women Empowerment Node has proved to be a path-breaker and a stepping stone towards achieving the goal of self reliance of women of remote regions of the state and has helped them to join the main-stream. Speaking on the occasion, the Sarpanch of the village said that the various initiatives by the Army, especially for the women, will assist in the all-round socio-economic development of the region. The women have appreciated the Army’s effort in setting up of the node.